'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Sandra Lee fights through cramps to remove Brittney's 'buttery oil-filled cysts'

'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Sandra Lee fights through cramps to remove Brittney's 'buttery oil-filled cysts'
Dr Sandra Lee helps patient Brittney embrace pole dancing after getting her cyst-free (Twitter/tlc)

UPLAND, CALIFORNIA: 'Dr Pimple Popper' returned this week for Episode 6 of her new series, in which fans met her patient Brittney . Dr Sandra Lee had her job cut out for her since the patient had a severe form of Steatocystoma, which created lumps and cysts all over her body, particularly her chest.

In a 2021 episode, Keke, a patient with over 500 cysts distributed over her body, consulted Dr Lee, who was first perplexed by the number of cysts on Keke's body. However, she began to enjoy the removal process as she began to pop one cyst after another, only to discover a clump of hair under the skin! Dr Lee was able to properly cure Keke's cysts, but as she previously stated, the procedure might be painful and potentially leave lifelong scars. In the latest episode, Dr Lee met Brittney, another patient with identical problems, but this time her hands seemed to give up mid-procedure.


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Who is Brittney on 'Dr Pimple Popper'?

Brittney has a skin ailment that has resulted in many bumps all over her body, which she says "beats her up" since she feels like she's "not being strong enough."

The patient claimed that her bumps are preventing her from having a fulfilling relationship and that going on dates is "a little nerve-wracking." Brittney then told a story about a 'friend' who made a comment after stroking her lumps, which "hurt so bad." She is an enthusiastic dancer who adores pole dancing and aspires to be a teacher. She conducts a lot of home exercises, though, because she thinks she can't wear gym clothes with her skin problem because everyone would stare at her.


What happened to Brittney on 'Dr Pimple Popper'?

Brittney visits Dr Lee on 'Dr Pimple Popper,' wanting to finally get rid of all the lumps on her body. Dr Lee then stated to the camera that Brittney had Steatocystomas, which is one of the more "physically taxing" surgeries she performs. But she accepted the task and attempted to provide Brittney with the same relief as Keke. The episode then shows Britteny receiving the surgery but Dr Lee states she "can't squeeze anymore."



Where is Brittney from 'Dr Pimple Popper' now?

Dr Lee assisted Brittney in removing a slew of "buttery oil-filled cysts" from her chest. Even though Dr Lee was weary of squeezing, she was pleased that Dr Lee could remove so many cysts in one session. According to Dr Lee, Brittney's lumps might have been caused by her hormones.

Brittney was relieved that her nasty lumps had vanished. Her bumps, which she had had since she was 13, were no longer a hindrance in her life. Despite the fact that her holistic medicine failed, Dr Lee worked her magic. Her lumps were mostly gone by her second visit to Dr Lee. She returned to wearing sexy outfits.


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 Where is Brittney now? 'Dr Pimple Popper' patient embraces her beauty after getting cysts removed