Where are The Wade Twins from 'Dated and Related' now? British hotties aim to become male fashion and lifestyle heroes

Where are The Wade Twins from 'Dated and Related' now? British hotties aim to become male fashion and lifestyle heroes
William & Henry Wade (Instagram/williamjwade/henryjwade)

LONDON, UK: With the cameras switched off now, fans are curious to know what the Wade Twins featured in the premiere season of 'Dated and Related' are up to. If you, too, are eager to learn about the same, we are here with all the answers you need!

These identical twins from London are considerably closer than most twins – not only do they make social content together, but they also claim that no woman has ever come between them. Despite their history as playboys, these towering brothers identify themselves as "perfect British gents," eager to seduce the villa's ladies. And now, this posh duo is seeking companions who are both attractive and ambitious, dubbed the future "Mrs Wades." Despite the fact that their effort to find love in the villa did not go well with many fans, they can't help themselves from learning more about the British hotties.


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Where Are Henry And William Wade Now?

Identical twins Henry and William Wade from London were among the most notable sibling pairings in the first season of 'Dated & Related.' The two have a sizable fan base on their own social media sites as well as their combined pages. It took years of hard effort to reach their current level of success, and they've been rewarded with an ever-increasing ascension up the social and digital media ladders. Furthermore, they are associated with 84 World, a talent management company; as a result of their efforts, the Wades have been able to promote brands such as Tommy Hilfiger. The twins recently got the opportunity to present the Dream Valley Festival 2022 and even interviewed superstar Idris Elba.

On TikTok and Instagram, the London-based duo promotes travel, lifestyle, fitness, fashion, and male grooming. Sophistication and class have always been important aspects of Henry and William's vision, which has led them to collaborate with a variety of prestigious brands such as TAG Heuer, Land Rover, Gillette, Penhaligon's, and Kurt Geiger. In addition to working on independent projects, Henry and William have long been ambassadors for Johnnie Walker, Braun, and River Island. Henry and William devote a significant amount of time and effort to creating entertaining and spectacular content, as seen by their TikTok and Instagram pages. They will also be starting their blog, thewadetwins.com, in the near future, with the goal of representing and guiding guys who want to better their lifestyles! The twins continue to increase their audience and have become male fashion and lifestyle heroes by bringing new degrees of sophistication and flair.


Want to learn some tricks from the Wade Twins on how to woo your women? Well, you can catch the two British charmers on Netflix's all-new reality dating show, 'Dated and Related,' which is now available for streaming.

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