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Where are the Millers from 'Dated and Related' now? Sibling duo is signing deals with brands and showrunners

The Miller siblings are currently traveling the world and spending much of their time at beaches after their brief time on the show
Dyman & Deyon Miller (Instagram/dymanqrystal/itsdeyon)
Dyman & Deyon Miller (Instagram/dymanqrystal/itsdeyon)

FLORIDA, USA: The highly anticipated and somewhat divisive Netflix series 'Dated and Related,' which follows pairs of siblings (and one excited set of cousins) as they hunt for their soulmates, premiered on September 2. During their brief stay at the villa, the Miller siblings showed why they had the strongest of bonds.

Among all the sibling groupings, the Miller siblings garner the most attention for their bonding and chemistry. When it comes to these Florida siblings, opposites attract. Dyman, the older sister and a medical assistant, describes herself as a "sexually adventurous" rebel, while Deyon, the younger brother, and a sports model, is the nerdier "goody-two-shoes." They're nevertheless best friends who have one other's backs, and Dyman is hopeful that his goofy pickup lines and great dancing abilities will make an impression on the ladies of the villa for Deyon's sake. Despite the fact that they both failed to find love at the end of their 'Dated and Related' journey, they are definitely winning in life outside the villa.


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Where are Dyman & Deyon Miller now?

Dyman Miller is an LA-based model, TV personality, and medical assistant who rose to prominence after appearing in Netflix's dating reality show 'Dated & Related,' which premiered worldwide on September 2. Dyman has wanted to be an actor since she was a child, and has worked as a model in a few commercials. This lovely young lady had a childhood ambition to be in medicine, but after entering high school, she decided she preferred modeling. Her parents advised her to seek a degree in medical science so that she would have a backup plan if she did not succeed as a model. The lady followed her parents' advice and graduated with honors, continuing her quest to become an actor. Dyman had already starred in a few advertisements by the time she graduated, including T-Super Mobile's Bowl 55 commercial and advertising for Universal Orlando Resort. However, due to the lack of a big breakthrough, she was forced to work as a Medical Assistant in a medical facility. She received confirmation of her selection for 'Dated & Related' in 2021, and the show proved to be a game changer. It provided Dyman with new opportunities. She is currently traveling the world, posting content on social media, and working hard to promote herself as a model.

Dyman is several social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, but she is also a huge TikTok fan. She enjoys creating lip-syncing videos and connecting with her followers. She generally posts lifestyle videos, although she also uploads exercise videos on occasion. Her Instagram is also full of stunning photographs. Most of her postings have a tropical theme, indicating that she enjoys beaches and tropical locations. She's also lately collaborated with brands and promoted them on her social media platforms.


Deyon, Dyman's younger brother, is a former HR Manager and Sports Model. Deyon Miller is an American reality television personality and actor, best known for his performances in the series 'Just Another Friday' and 'Dated and Related.' In 2019, he made his acting debut in a Jackson Bartholomew-directed horror short movie named 'The Another Day?.' Deyon is a seasoned specialist in the recruiting and job market, in addition to his public presence in the glamour industry. According to his LinkedIn profile, his most recent work was as a Human Resource Staffing Manager at Randstad USA, which he left in September 2021.

Now, the former sports model who was popular in his teen's posts a lot of images of himself traveling the world and taking part in various activities. His Instagram followers have rapidly increased in recent weeks as a result of his participation in 'Dated and Related' with his elder sister. He is currently spending all of his efforts on establishing a career in the entertainment sector. There have been rumors that he may soon appear in another reality show, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


Meanwhile, you can check out the sweetest sibling duo on Netflix's new dating reality show, 'Dated and Related'