Where are Playboy's ‘The Girls Next Door’ now? Holly Madison claims Hugh Hefner abused her

Where are Playboy's ‘The Girls Next Door’ now? Holly Madison claims Hugh Hefner abused her
Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Sara Jean Underwood all have now moved on from their Playboy days (Instagram/@hollymadison, @bridgetmarquardt and @saraunderwood)

Holly Madison has spoken about the time she spent at the Playboy Mansion and the struggles she faced. The 41-year-old model lived there from 2000 to 2008 — the year she broke off with Hugh Hefner. As per reports, Madison will be seen in A&E’s docuseries ‘Secrets of Playboy’ starting on January 24, 2022, where she will reveal the secrets from the past and why staying at the mansion was difficult for her.

In a clip from the docuseries shared online, the star said, “I got to a point not too far into my time there — I think I was only, like, six months in — where I kind of broke under that pressure and being made to feel like I need to look exactly like everybody else.”


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Madison also mentioned a time when Hefner blasted her for cutting her long blonde hair. She recalled, “My hair was really long, naturally, and I was just like, ‘I’m going to go chop my hair off so I can at least look a little different. I came back with short hair and he [Playboy founder Hefner] flipped out on me and he was screaming at me and said it made me look old, hard and cheap.”

One of Hefner’s friends also claimed that the late founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, who died in 2017, reacted very angrily after Madison wore red lipstick. Playboy alum Bridget Marquardt said: “She came down with red lipstick one time and he flipped out, said he hated red lipstick on girls [and that she] needed to take it off right away even though other people could wear red lipstick and it didn’t seem to bother him. It was very frustrating to live with every day — all the drama that was going on and the tensions.”


Marquardt stated that Madison’s unhappiness was visible and that she could “definitely see that [Madison] was getting depressed and sad.” Madison added: “I remember there were times, probably within the first couple years I lived there [at the Playboy mansion] when I felt like I was just in the cycle of gross things and I didn’t know what to do.”

Madison is now a social media influencer, with over one million followers on Instagram. The television personality, who now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, is also a mother of two kids — daughter Rainbow Aurora Rotella, and son Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella.


Madison was one among many girls who lived at the Playboy Mansion and ‘The Girls Next Door’ was a TV series that revolved around the lives of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends who lived with him at the Playboy Mansion. Let’s find out what other girls from the series are doing now.

Where are ‘The Girls Next Door’ now?

Bridget Marquardt

Marquardt moved on from ‘The Girls Next Door’ in 2009 and she went on to host ‘Bridget's Sexiest Beaches’ on the Travel Channel. But that show only lasted for a season and then she launched her own reality show, but it did not work out. Then in 2019, she launched her own podcast called ‘Ghost Magnet’ and since then has produced over 100 episodes.


Marquardt has always claimed herself to be a fan of all things spooky. She described her podcast as “an exploration of self-described ghost magnets and the spirits, poltergeists, and pookas they attract. When, where, and how did they realize that they had this spiritual magnetism? What's it like living with the specters of the dead?”

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson has recently entered a new phase in her life as she returned to reality television but not as a model but as a real estate agent. Her new show on Discovery+ is called ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’. As per the show’s description, it’s about the 36-year-old model now working as “a newly minted real estate agent" who "must prove she has the hustle to make it in the intensely competitive Los Angeles real estate market.”


Sara Jean Underwood

According to reports, Sara Jean Underwood is living a very dreamy life at Cabinland, a series of tiny cabins and structures constructed by her and her boyfriend, Jacob Witzling, in the Pacific Northwest. Apart from this, her travel pictures on social media also show the envious lifestyle she is enjoying after being made Playboy's Miss July 2006 and 2007 Playmate of the Year.


Karissa and Kristina Shannon

The twin sisters were Playboy Playmates before they got roles in the movie ‘Somewhere’. The pair also appeared on a number of reality TV shows, like ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and ‘Rob & Chyna’. A decade ago, Karissa made a sensational claim that she and ‘The Hil’ star Heidi Montag were a part of a sex tape. But she accused Montag’s husband, Spencer Pratt, of stealing it. 


Reportedly, Karissa and Kristina are the owners of GLAM Beverly Hills salon. They also have a joint Instagram account that’s been followed by more than 13K people. The page is mostly about raunchy videos and pictures shared by the two sisters.

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