When will 'Shrinking' release on Apple TV+? All about Harrison Ford and Jason Segel comedy

When will 'Shrinking' release on Apple TV+? All about Harrison Ford and Jason Segel comedy
Harrison Ford and Jason Segel in Apple TV+ comedy 'Shrinking' (Apple TV+)

'Shrinking' is a new series on Apple TV+ that is about to be released soon. 'Shrinking' tackles some important issues, including mental illness, grief and terminal illness, through the form of comedy. There haven't been many shows that handled both these themes successfully in a single show. 'Web Therapy' (2011-2015) almost successfully tried only comedy in the line of therapy. It would be an interesting approach to take on. This is an original series created by 'Scrubs' fame Bill Lawrence and 'Ted Lasso' fame Brett Goldstein.


What happens if a therapist who is supposed to help troubled patients with their problems, finds himself in the same position? And what if he further goes on to ignore all the rules, training and ethics and starts to break the rules with his clients? What would happen if a therapist becomes extremely honest in a session that helps his patients? These are the questions that are raised in this Jason Segel and Harrison Ford-starrer comedy.


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In the recently released inside look at the show, Brett and Bill opened up about conceiving of the show's idea, how it came to be different from the original darker version, and adding Harrison Ford to the cast. The video also included some insights from the cast as well.



When will 'Shrinking' premiere?

'Shrinking' is set to premiere exclusively on Friday, January 27.

How to watch the series 'Shrinking'?

'Shrinking' is available exclusively on Apple TV+, and you will be able to stream the series on the aforementioned streaming platform. The app can also be downloaded from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. Apple TV+ is also available on the selected ROKU streaming players, Playstation, Xbox store, Chromecast Google TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Smart TVs, BT TV, Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream.


What is the plot of 'Shrinking'?

Sometimes you need to break down to have a breakthrough. In this 10-episode series, as shown in the trailer, the main character Jimmy is helplessly hitting his rock-bottom, and ironically he is a therapist. His work and life are at stake now as painful memory of his wife weighs in on him. And how he finds a way to turn a new leaf for himself and his patients forms the core of the series. And the official synopsis of the series, as per Apple TV+, reads, "Jimmy is struggling to grieve the loss of his wife while being a dad, friend and therapist. He decides to try a new approach with everyone in his path: unfiltered, brutal honesty. Can he help himself by helping others? Will it bring him back to the light?"  



Who is acting in Apple TV Plus' 'Shrinking'?

'Shrinking' has an amazing set of actors. Jason Segel plays Jimmy (James Laird), the grieving therapist and Harrison Ford plays Dr Paul Rhodes, Jimmy's boss who runs the therapy practice. The extensive cast also includes Lukita Maxwell as Alice, Jessica Williams as Gabrielle Evans, Luke Tennie as Sean, Michael Urie as Brian, Christa Miller as Liz, Heidi Gardner as Grace, Lilian Bowden as Tia and Ted McGinley as Derek.  

What is the latest buzz around 'Shrinking'?

The reviews of 'Shrinking' are finally out and critics are praising the show for its handling of grief in a heartwarming way. The review from Entertainment Weekly praised the show and added, "Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein deliver more emotion-soaked humor with the Apple TV+ series Shrinking, a funny, brainy grief-com about the power — and dangers — of radical honesty."

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