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When will 'Love & Death' Episode 4 premiere on HBO Max?

Here's when the fourth episode of HBO Max series 'Love & Death' premiere
Krysten Ritter and Elizabeth Olsen in a still from 'Love & Death' (HBO Max)
Krysten Ritter and Elizabeth Olsen in a still from 'Love & Death' (HBO Max)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: HBO Max’s highly anticipated series ‘Love & Death’ has finally made its way to the streaming platform and tells the diabolical story of what Candy Montgomery did to get what she wanted. The story of Montgomery has been a hot topic in the entertainment world because of how one woman tried ruining people’s lives by committing a heinous crime. Although this story has been told before in a couple of ways, HBO Max has gone one step further to let viewers know what led Montgomery to kill someone and why she did do that.

The premiere of ‘Love & Death’ saw Candy (Elizabeth Olsen) feeling attracted toward her friend’s husband Allan Gore (Jesse Plemons). Candy is married as well, but feels that her life is incomplete because she never got to do anything exciting. On the other hand, she believes that she does everything for the family, but never gets anything in return. Meanwhile, Allan is not happy in his marriage as well and feels her wife, Betty (Lily Rabe), never wants to try new things. They begin their affair by continuously visiting hotels and having sex with each other. However, things start to get out of hand when Candy starts catching feelings for him and confesses that she doesn’t want to do that because it will end up hurting everyone.


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A still from 'Love & Death' (HBO)
A still from 'Love & Death' (HBO)

Candy furious with Betty and Allan for having successful couples therapy

Betty wants to make things better in their marriage and goes to couples therapy along with her husband. When they return, everything seemed to have changed because Betty and Allan were happy with each other and they were trying to make their lives happier. Candy is furious at what is happening because she doesn’t want to give away the only exciting thing in her life.

The premiere has made it clear that Candy is angry and might not be thinking straight. Fans cannot wait to see what happens in this story and are already waiting for the next episode. So, when will the next episode air? Let’s take a look.

When will ‘Love & Death’ Episode 4 air on HBO and HBO Max?

The true-crime series began with a three-episode premiere on Thursday, April 27, on HBO Max and gave us a detailed look at what happened before and after the heinous crime. The show might have started with a three-hour premiere but will air the upcoming episode on a weekly basis. That means the fourth episode of the HBO Max series will air on Thursday, May 4th, at 3:01 am EST.

Lily Rabe as Betty in 'Love & Death' (HBO Max)
Lily Rabe as Betty in 'Love & Death' (HBO Max)

The series also stars Krysten Ritter (Sherry Cleckler), Patrick Fugit (Pat Montgomery), Tom Pelphrey (Don Crowder), Olivia Grace Applegate (Carol Crowder), and Elizabeth Marvel (Jackie Ponder) in pivotal roles.