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When will 'A Paris Proposal' release on Hallmark? Here's everything about Valentine's Day rom-com

Emily and Sebastian end up in a tricky situation when the client mistakes them for a happy couple.
Alexa PenaVega and Nicholas Bishop in 'A Paris Proposal' (Image credits: IMDB/Hallmark Movies)
Alexa PenaVega and Nicholas Bishop in 'A Paris Proposal' (Image credits: IMDB/Hallmark Movies)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It has become a tradition to watch Hallmark Movies and celebrate the month of love. In between working in a big firm and meeting the love of your life in a coffee shop, there's something nostalgic about stepping into a parallel universe where the drama usually involves a pageant or good-looking strangers bringing an air of mystery to the typical small town. Hallmark Movies are about romance, love, and everything in between. 

As the Hallmark tradition goes, it’s part of the network’s annual “Loveuary” programming event to release romcoms during February that is also the "month of love". This February is going to be an interesting one, as Hallmark channel is releasing a rom-com starring Alexa PenaVega and Nicholas Bishop in ' A Paris Proposal'. 


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Alexa PenaVega is known to always star alongside her husband, Carlos PenaVega, but this time she will be riding solo with 'A Paris Proposal'. Alexa, however, will be joined by Nicholas Bishop as her love interest — and career rival. Let's dive into the details.

When will 'A Paris Proposal' release?

The film is set to be released on Saturday, February 11, at 8 pm on Hallmark channel. 

How can I watch 'A Paris Proposal'?

The movie is available to watch on Hallmark channel.

Who’s starring in 'A Paris Proposal'?

The cast of the film includes Alexa PenaVega, Nicholas Bishop, and Daniel Lundh in the lead. 

What is the storyline of 'A Paris Proposal'?

Alexa PenaVega (Anna) and Nicholas Bishop (Sebastian) travel to city of romance, Paris, which is the hometown of Sebastian in the movie. The two are work collegues and are travelling to Paris to close a deal with a big client, Durand Diamonds. The whole situation takes a U-turn when the client mistakes them for a happy couple, and the romantic story begins from then on. A misunderstanding leads Durand to believe Anna and Sebastian are infact married, making them excited about the idea of having real-life couple working on the ideal vision for their brand and forcing them to try to keep up with the charade to close the deal.

What is the buzz around this Hallmark rom-com?

This movie is the first project where Alexa PenaVega won't be working alongside her husband, who she does most of her movies with. 

The trailer of the movie hasn't been released yet, but the movie is set to be released on February 11, at 8 pm on Hallmark channel. Keep your calendars booked for this much anticipated rom-com by Hallmark.