What's cooking between Halsey and YouTuber Corpse Husband? Fans think 'flirting' will lead to 'f*****g collab'

Halsey addressed the Youtuber with ‘Ahhhh! You are deep voice no face human! Hello!' to which the former replied, 'I also have hand'

                            What's cooking between Halsey and YouTuber Corpse Husband? Fans think 'flirting' will lead to 'f*****g collab'
Halsey, Corpse Husband (Getty Images/YouTube)

In the latest edition of the colliding worlds of pop-culture, popular YouTuber Corpse Husband fans are celebrating the gamer’s interaction with pop queen Halsey on Twitter where the duo seemed to bond over space games and whatnot.

On Sunday, December 20, Halsey took it to Twitter to post a simple ‘Hello’, the Grammy-nominated singer’s way of interacting with fans. The ‘Clementine’ singer has been quite active on the micro-blogging app where she engages with her fans and even gives them updates about her life. On Halsey’s recent post, popular YouTuber and gamer Corpse Husband commented ‘exactly’, which started their quirky interaction. Halsey addressed the Youtuber with ‘Ahhhh! You are deep voice no face human! Hello!” To which the former replied with, “yes hello, I also have hand.”



Halsey then went on to ask the 'E-girls are running my life' maker to teach her how to play the space game to which Corpse Husband replied, “I’ll dm you.” Apart from Corpse Husband, Beauty YouTuber James Charles also responded to her ‘Hello’ and wished to do her makeup one day.




The interaction has sparked a ton of responses on social media where the fans are now speculating, whom would the YouTuber kick out from the lobby to include Halsey. A user said, “Wait so @Valkyrae said that tonight she’s playing among us and it’s @Corpse_Husband setting up the lobby and Corpse and @halsey are dming about among us. I’m no detective but I think this means we might get a Halsey x all the cool streamers crossover!” Another excited user said, “Listen. @CORPSE_alt @Corpse_Husband @halsey I don’t know if my bi little heart can take this. If you’re both in a lobby together my gay and straight panic won’t know what to do but I’m ready. Ruin me more mentally and physically. Please.” A user quipped, “Everyone in @Corpse_Husband ‘s lobby: who he gonna kick out for @halsey.”





Some have also taken the interaction as a cue to a future collab. A fan said, “It's 5 AM here but I just read the 'Halsey × CORPSE' thread at twitter dot com and my sleep just vanished. This might be the beginning of the making of AN EPIC COLLAB & I'M ALL HERE FOR IT!” Another fan asserted, “You all want Corpse and Halsey among us but big picture everyone.... Imagine a f*****g collab.” Some fans have also taken the interaction as a subtle form of flirting. A user said, “corpse and halsey flirting is not something i expected to see today.” Another similar tweet read, “Lmaao ive never thought id see Corpse and Halsey flirting.”





Corpse Husband has been a recent Internet sensation after his deep voice narration gained popularity. Currently, he enjoys 2.7 million Instagram followers along with 6.2 million Youtube subscribers. His unique music which has a very dark aesthetic to it caters to his mysterious persona as well. Corpse Husband’s popular song 'E-girls are running my life' ranked #2 in Spotify's global list of Viral 50 songs.


In 2020, Halsey released her first live album ‘Badlands (Live from Webster Hall)’ in August along with her first book of poetry first titled 'I Would Leave Me If I Could' which was available to preorder from June. She also collaborated with Marshmallow on the song ‘Be Kind’ which was released on May 1, with the music video premiering on June 27.

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