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Who is Corpse Husband? Fans trend #Corpseisverified after faceless YouTube star gets Twitter nod

Corpse Husband is a YouTube star who is well known for making music, and most particularly for his horror story narration
Corpse Husband (YouTube)
Corpse Husband (YouTube)

Corpse Husband, a popular American YouTuber, has been verified on Twitter and this has led to a celebration by fans who got the hashtag #Corpseisverified to trend under the topic Corpse Husband. The YouTube channel is run by an anonymous man who is a musician well known for his true horror story narrations. So far, he hasn't revealed his identity and that is despite his association with other YouTube stars such as PewDiePie. Corpse Husband, who has 5.46M subscribers as of when this article was published reportedly is worth $1M with earnings from his videos that have recently averaged out on 20 million views per video. 

He began after being inspired by Mr Nightmare, CreepyPasta and Lazy Masquerade but in recent times he has switched his content by playing the popular video game 'Among Us' together and his association with PewDiePie was also through this game. Other than his YouTube videos, the star has thousands of followers on Spotify and Apple Music, which also contributes to his earnings. So the YouTuber, who has 5 million followers, was verified by Twitter on Wednesday. So fans have expressed their excitement on Twitter by sharing congratulations. One fan wrote, "Post a fleet or two as a celebration!!!! @Corpse_Husband


Considering how Twitter took to verifying a bunch of gamers and that Corpse Husband happened to be one of them, one gamer tweeted, "So a bunch of gamers got verified today and Twitter still keeping @MamaDoctorJones out of the pictures. I'm glad the gamers got verified we definitely need to know we're talking a real gamers when asking gaming questions. -_- #Corpseisverified #VerifyActualDoctors." Another fan tweeted, "#corpseisverified @corpse_husband @corpse_alt. Man Listen Here. Congratulations Frs. Also #4 On Worldwide With Ur Own Fkin Category Man We’re Riiight Behind A Bts Category This Is Nuts." Another gamer shared, "man ur actually just a tsundere thats cute (u never annoy me!!! ur legit one of my fav moots,, ur so cool pls :((() #corpseisverified."




Many more also showed appreciation as they felt that this was a long time coming. One gamer wrote, "We Did It Guys He Is Finally Verified The Corpse Supremacy Commence December Is Becoming An Amazing Month So Far #catsforcorpse #corpseisverified." Another fan also responded with a witty remark and said, "Its a good thing corpse woke up to see #corpseisverified all over his tl instead of us talking about his eyebrow unibrow unicorn sh*t." What would you gather of the hashtag #Corpseisverified if you hadn't known about the gamer? One fan noted, "If I didn't know what this was about already I'd think #corpseisverified was about some criminal case XD."




It was only on November 21, that the YouTube channel Corpse Husband had reached 5 million live subscribers, and on this occasion, Corpse Husband had wrote, "im in disbelief idk how I got here but I’m endlessly grateful and will keep trying my absolute best. Please take care of yourselves." Interestingly, it was just five years ago around the same time that Twitter had verified gamers of 'Counter-Strike', 'League of Legends', 'Smite', 'Heroes of the Storm', and recently 'Call of Duty'.