Squirt Space vs Man Moan Space on Clubhouse: Masturbating women a hit, men not so much

Squirt Space on Clubhouse became a talking point as many seemed to enjoy hearing women masturbate while Man Moan Space wasn't exactly a hit

                            Squirt Space vs Man Moan Space on Clubhouse: Masturbating women a hit, men not so much
Squirt Space turned out to be a bigger hit on Clubhouse than the Man Moan Space (Twitter)

Clubhouse has caught the fancy of the millennials since it first launched in April 2020. Currently, it is one of the top most trends on Twitter because of the chatroom called 'Squirt Space' โ€” more about this in a bit. The interactive voice-based social network which can be joined by invitation only has already become one of the most used platforms by social media savvy individuals. For those who aren't aware, Clubhouse allows users to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. However, there are a couple of chatrooms on the platform which no one would imagine, chatrooms with unexpected themes that could leave one shocked.

For instance, there was a bizarre room called 'The Moaning Space' which was created on June 10, 2021. Like the name suggests, the room hosted a moaning competition for the participants with a $200 prize money attached to the same. The rules were simple. Participants had to show off their moaning skills and make it as sexual as they could. If this wasn't enough, there's a new chatroom called 'Squirt Space' which was created in the wee hours of Saturday, June 26. 



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What is Squirt Space on Clubhouse?

Squirt Space is a chatroom on Clubhouse that allowed users to hear an anonymous woman attain self-gratification. There are thousands of users who have already become a part of the room to hear women masturbate and climax. There's a sizable group who think this is something they have enjoyed being a part of. "I love the #squirtspace .... this shit is amazing, lovely women," wrote a user. "Love how this space wasn't all talk like the moan one was #squirtspace," tweeted another. "The girlies on the #squirtspace are fun to hear to, their voice are quite nice and satisfying," tweeted another. "the squirt space >>>>> the moan space, women do it better #squirtspace," read another tweet. 





There are a lot of users who were a part of the room but didn't quite enjoy the content and they took to Twitter to talk about their displeasure. "#squirtspace I've lost any and all hope I had left for this godforsaken app," wrote a disappointed user. "The #squirtspace is simply DISGUSTING. Women, please love yourself enough to not expose your bodies on Twitter! Men love it modest. Everyone in there I hope you know that you are a disgrace," wrote an angry user. 



A couple of hours later a new chatroom called the 'Man Moan Space' was created emulating the Squirt Space, but this one didn't seem to excite users as much. Men were trying to masturbate and climax in this newly created room but it wasn't as big of a hit as the other room where women were in charge. "Uhmm that was not cuteโ€ฆ #ManMoanSpace," said a tweet. "It's flopping. #Manmoanspace," tweeted another. "Men are always desperate to show their d but now they are giving this space to moan for hundreds and they arent serving #ManMoanSpace," read another tweet. "This so boring, where are the men #ManMoanSpace," tweeted another. 





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