TikTokers eagerly try the Milk Crate challenge despite video fails of dangerous falls

People are participating in the Milk Crate challenge despite watching others endure crazy falls from atop the plastic crates stacked like a podium In recorded video fails

                            TikTokers eagerly try the Milk Crate challenge despite video fails of dangerous falls
The Milk Crate Challenge is all fun and games till someone breaks their neck or back (Twitter)

Generation Z's obsession with TikTok just keeps getting a little more toxic every day. According to a recent poll, 20% of the respondents admitted to spending more than 5 hours on the app. One of the main draws of TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, is that there's always some challenge or the other 'going viral.'

While celebrity-backed 'promotional' challenges for songs, movies or charities are usually harmless like Jason Derulo's Savage Love challenge, the platform has also been responsible for popularizing some extremely life-threatening trends as well. The Black-out challenge for instance was trending on the app where people would hold their breaths till they passed out. This was inspired by the "choke game" which claimed the lives of 82 children in the US between 1995 to 2009 alone. The Tooth-filing challenge had people filing their teeth with a nail file to the horror of dentists and students of dental studies who then explained the dangers it could cause.The most recent one to blow up on the app is the back-breaking Milk Crate challenge.


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What is the Milk Crate challenge?

Like the name suggests, the Milk Crate challenge requires people to walk up plastic milk crates stacked like a winner's podium with the middle podium being the highest and the third and second having slightly lower steps, usually of the same height. Scaling it is no easy feat but since it's going viral, everyone appears to be jumping on the bandwagon and there are millions of videos on the platform with the hashtag #milkcratechallenge. 

A video of a man completing the challenge while rolling a fat blunt has garnered multiple million views. Another video that went viral saw a man climb up, open a book proving he could do the challenge, and make it all about education while doing so. A video of a woman completing the challenge slowly but steadily in her six-inch stiletto heels is also raking in the numbers. 

Now comes the ugly part. There are many videos that have been shared where people have had dangerous falls, that bring the phrase 'my neck, my back, my anxiety attack' to mind. It is also strange to see how these are videos are being cross-promoted on other platforms for example Twitter, which again has its own massive, non-TikTok user base, contributing to the trend's popularity. Below are a few videos that can send a chill down anyone's spine but they are still being shared widely, despite the obvious dangers in trying to pull a stunt like this.





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