What is 'Kandahar' about? Plot of Gerard Butler-starrer action film explained

What is 'Kandahar' about? Plot of Gerard Butler-starrer action film explained
Gerard Butler and Navid Negahban in 'Kandahar' (2023) (Open Road Films)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Gerard Butler has established himself as one of the busiest and sought-after action stars in Hollywood. He has played various roles in action-packed movies such as 'Geostorm', 'Has Fallen' (trilogy), '300', and more recently, 'Plane', where he crashes a plane. In his upcoming movie 'Kandahar', Butler will be seen again in his element, taking on action-packed sequences. The Scottish actor has become a well-known name in the industry for his exceptional acting skills in such roles.


'Kandahar' has made headlines for being one of the first big-budget Hollywood movies to be entirely shot in Saudi Arabia's Al-Ula and Jeddah. The film, scheduled to release in May 2023, is an action-thriller that revolves around a CIA operative. The unique setting of the movie promises to offer audiences a visually stunning cinematic experience while also showcasing Saudi Arabia's beautiful landscapes to the world.


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What is the plot of the 'Kandahar'?

'Kandahar' is based on a spec script written by Mitchell LaFortune, a former military intelligence officer. The movie is set during the 2013 Snowden leaks and provides a distinctive view of the incident. The plot revolves around Tom Harris, a CIA operative who is on a perilous mission in Afghanistan, and an Afghan translator. The two protagonists attempt to escape from an elite special forces squad that is tracking them and travel 400 miles to Kandahar, Afghanistan, to reach an extraction point. The film's storyline offers a gripping narrative and promises to be an exciting and action-packed thriller.


'Kandahar' began filming in Saudi Arabia on December 2, 2021, and it became the first significant American production to be filmed in the cities of Jeddah and Al-Ula, located in the Hejaz region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Ula is an ancient Arabic oasis city located in the Medina province of northwest Saudi Arabia. The film uses the barren terrain of Al-Ula to create visuals reminiscent of Afghanistan, where the movie is set. This unique filming location promises to provide audiences with a captivating and authentic cinematic experience.


The film is all set for a worldwide release in theaters on May 26, 2023. Watch the official trailer below.


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 What is 'Kandahar' about? Plot of Gerard Butler-starrer action film explained