Corecore: Understanding TikTok's aesthetic used by GenZ

Corecore: Understanding TikTok's aesthetic used by GenZ
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TikTokers and GenZ usually edit their photos and videos before posting. If one does so, they must be familiar with the app's aesthetic 'corecore', which is generally used by GeZ users. Corecore videos have become a form of art created by GenZ, connecting to a shared message through a collage of videos.

The concept is definitely not new but trending on TikTok. #corecore has amassed 2.9 billion views on the app. In this trend, clips are organized in a particular order to create an improvised slideshow.


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What is corecore on TikTok?

Corecore is a TikTok editing style in which multiple photos, videos, memes, headlines, and so on are blended into one video while a music or audio clip plays in the background. At first glance, it appears small, as if someone packed a handful of digital assets together. But it's gotten a lot of attention because of how it's presented.


Corecore films are frequently an engaging and beautiful approach to convey a message to viewers. Some may attempt to narrate a story or show a problem over time. You can also use it to increase awareness for a specific cause.


'Obsessed with corecore TikTok'

The users are divided regarding Corecore's presence on various social media sites. Some are infatuated with the aesthetic, while others believe it isn't worth the buzz. Below is a sample of the Internet reactions about the aesthetic.

"Obsessed with corecore tiktok," an Internet user wrote. Another said, "I really like corecore. it’s cool to see how social commentary has evolved from new forms of media."






'So cringe'

"Corecore is just realizing how all our generation is not mentally ok," someone else noted. Meanwhile, criticizing the trend, another said, "Corecore is so cringe it's just a compilation of surface level observations with sombre music that children think is deep."





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 What is corecore? Understanding TikTok's aesthetic used by GenZ