What day and time will 'Digman!' release? And everything you need to know about Andy Samberg’s animated series

What day and time will 'Digman!' release? And everything you need to know about Andy Samberg’s animated series
A scene from Digman! (Comedy Central/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In ways that writing and live-action films cannot, animation has served to connect people all over the world. Speaking of which, Andy Samberg's 'Digman!' is an upcoming animated comedy series that he conceptualized, wrote, and produced.


The storyline will follow Rip Digman in a world where archaeologists are celebrities and the explorer discovers the Ten Commandments. Here is everything we know about Andy Samberg's latest animated series, keep reading to find out.


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When will ‘Digman!’ release?

Digman! will release on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

How to watch ‘Digman!’?

The thirty-second ad doesn't reveal much about the premise of the forthcoming series, but we do hear the SNL actor doing his best Nicolas Cage imitation. Because the prize at the end is the actual Ten Commandments, the Indiana Jones and National Treasure vibes are strong. It will be broadcast on Comedy Central on March 22, 2023.


What is the plot of ‘Digman!’?

The trailer begins by stating that the show's starring protagonist, Rip Digman, was sacked from the Smithsonian ten years ago and has been unlucky ever since. He feels that after going on an adventure with a young archaeologist, his popularity would alter. The animated TV series even includes a flashback of Rip Digman's younger self, implying that the show will tell viewers how Digman got into the profession of, well, digging.

Who are the voice-over cast members in ‘Digman!’?

The voice-over cast of the series includes Daniel Radcliffe, Edgar Wright, Maya Rudolph Jane Lynch, Kane Lynch, Kyle Mooney, Cole Escola, Lauren Lapkus, Paul Rust, Joe Lo Truglio, Marc Evan Jackson, Harvey Guillén, Claudia O’Doherty, Kerri Kenney, Clancy Brown, Rachel Kaly, Andy Daly, Lennon Parham, Carl Tart, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.


What is the buzz around ‘Digman!’?

Andy Samberg also serves as a co-creator of 'Digman!' alongside Neil Campbell. The show is produced under CBS Studios, The Lonely Island’s Party Over Here, and Ali Bell. Samberg is creating, writing, and producing the Comedy Central show, making this his debut three-feature project.

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 What day and time will 'Digman!' release? And everything else you need to know about animated series