What date and time will HGTV's ‘Home Town Takeover’ Season 2 release? Ben and Erin Napier take on Colorado

What date and time will HGTV's ‘Home Town Takeover’ Season 2 release? Ben and Erin Napier take on Colorado
Ben and Erin Napier return with HGTV's 'Home Town Takeover' Season 2 (Instagram/@erinapier)

FORT MORGAN, COLORADO: It's official, folks! The dynamic duo of home renovation, Ben and Erin Napier, are back with a bang on HGTV's 'Home Town Takeover'! Fans of the show may have thought they'd seen the last of this power couple after their herculean efforts in Wetumpka, Alabama, but little did they know that the Napiers were just getting started. The premise of 'Home Town Takeover' is simple - no, scratch that - it's downright audacious! Instead of fixing up one measly house, the Napiers are taking on entire towns, one dilapidated building at a time. And this time, the lucky town in the spotlight is none other than Fort Morgan, Colorado. With its picturesque streets and rustic charm, this is one place that's begging for a little TLC.

But don't let the glamour of the show fool you. Behind the scenes, the 'takeover life' is a whole other story. Erin, who is not just a renovation queen but also a mother of two, admits that it's a real juggling act to balance the demands of the show with family life. Fortunately, the Napiers won't be going it alone this time. HGTV has announced that they'll be teaming up with Dave and Jenny Marrs, the charismatic hosts of 'Fixer to Fabulous,' to take on the challenge. This is a match made in heaven, folks! The Napiers' down-to-earth charm and the Marrs' infectious energy are a winning combination that's sure to knock it out of the park. So mark your calendars, folks, and get ready to witness the ultimate renovation extravaganza on HGTV's 'Home Town Takeover.' It's going to be a wild ride, but hey - who said fixing up a whole town was easy?


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When does 'Home Town Takeover' Season 2 release?

'Home Town Takeover' Season 2 releases Sunday, April 23 at 8 pm ET/PT. 

How can I watch 'Home Town Takeover' Season 2?

HGTV fans can watch 'Home Town Takeover' Season 2 on Discovery+ and HGTV.

Who will star in 'Home Town Takeover' Season 2?

Ben Napier

Ben Napier is a beloved HGTV star who is more than just a TV personality. With a degree in history and a passion for restoring historic homes, Ben is a true artist and entrepreneur. As a skilled woodworker, author, and construction expert, he brings his expertise to the hit show 'Home Town,' where he and his wife, Erin, help home-buying families find their dream homes and transform them into personalized masterpieces. Ben's love for using local and reclaimed materials in his custom renovations has not only inspired viewers but has also sparked several spinoff shows, including 'Home Town Takeover' and 'Home Town Kickstart.' Beyond his work on the show, Ben is a committed community leader and past president of Laurel's Main Street America chapter, where he works to promote the revitalization of the historic downtown district. When Ben isn't busy renovating homes, he spends time with his wife and their two daughters, Helen and Mae. Together, they operate Laurel Mercantile, a shop in downtown Laurel that offers high-quality American-made goods. Ben also runs his own woodshop, Scotsman Co., where he creates beautiful furnishings and wood products from reclaimed materials. In a true commitment to their community, Ben recently expanded their operations to include a factory producing cutting boards and countertops, helping to boost the local economy. With his creativity, talent, and dedication to preserving history, Ben is more than just a TV star – he's a true inspiration.



Erin Napier

Erin Napier, the creative powerhouse behind HGTV's 'Home Town,' has made a name for herself as a champion of historic home restoration. Alongside her husband Ben, a master woodworker and history buff, the couple live and breathe their passion for preserving the past in the charming town of Laurel, Mississippi. Erin's artistic talent shines through in her design savvy and imaginative house portraits, which help home-buying families transform their dream homes into personalized works of art. Her background in corporate graphic design has given her a keen eye for detail, and her work on 'Home Town' has inspired several spinoff shows, including the hit series 'Home Town Takeover' and 'Home Town Kickstart.' The Napiers have graced the covers of countless magazines, including People, Country Living, Southern Living, and even Cowboys and Indians. They were also named to Fortune's 50 Greatest Leaders List in 2021, cementing their place as leaders in the home restoration world. In addition to their TV success, Erin has also co-authored a New York Times best-selling book, 'Make Something Good Today.' along with Ben. Erin has even branched out into children's literature, penning her first book, 'The Lantern House,' in 2022. When they're not busy with their TV and literary pursuits, the couple pours their energy into their two daughters, Helen and Mae, and their thriving business ventures. They operate Laurel Mercantile, a shop in downtown Laurel that specializes in heirloom wares and durable goods made in the USA. Recently, they expanded their operations to include a factory producing cutting boards and countertops, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to boosting the local economy. With her artistic talent and entrepreneurial spirit, Erin is truly a force to be reckoned with.



Dave Marrs

Dave Marrs is a man of many talents, whose expertise as a craftsman, builder, general contractor, and handyman is second to none. With a keen eye for design and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dave has made a name for himself as one of the most sought-after home renovators in the business. Working alongside his wife, Jenny Marrs, the duo brings their signature touch to homes in need of a serious facelift on their HGTV series, 'Fixer to Fabulous.' Dave's knowledge of restoring old homes is unmatched, and his ability to bring out the charm and character of historic homes is truly infectious. The dynamic duo also took their talents to the next level by competing in season 3 of HGTV's hit show, 'Rock the Block'. With their combined skillsets and unbridled enthusiasm, Dave and Jenny are sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers and judges alike. Whether he's crafting custom cabinetry or tackling a complex renovation project, Dave Marrs brings his A-game to everything he does. With his dedication to quality and eye for detail, he's earned his place as one of the most respected and talented home renovators in the industry.



Jenny Marrs

Jenny Marrs is a visionary designer and home renovator, whose talents and creativity know no bounds. Working alongside her husband and partner-in-crime, Dave Marrs, the duo has made a name for themselves in the home renovation industry through their HGTV series, 'Fixer to Fabulous.' Hailing from Bentonville, Arkansas, the couple brings their signature touch to homes in need of a serious makeover, all while running their company, Marrs Developing, which specializes in the renovation of historic homes. Jenny is the creative mastermind behind their stunning transformations, with a unique ability to craft spaces that are both warm and welcoming.  From selecting the perfect color palette to creating custom furniture pieces, Jenny Marrs brings her unparalleled creativity and style to every project she tackles. With a commitment to quality and a dedication to excellence, she's earned her place as one of the most respected and sought-after designers in the business.



Apart from these duos, the show is also bringing in an army of HGTV and Food Network stars to help along the way, including:

Jonathan Knight (Farmhouse Fixer)

Molly Yeh (Girl Meets Farm)

Ben and Cristi Dozier (Building Roots)

Darnell Ferguson (Superchef Grudge Match)

Carmeon Hamilton (Reno My Rental)

Lil Jon (Lil Jon Wants to do What?)

Ty Pennington (Rock the Block)

Jasmine Roth (Help! I Wrecked My House)

Page Turner (Fix My Flip)

What is 'Home Town Takeover' Season 2 all about?

Get ready for the ultimate small-town renovation experience, as two of HGTV's most beloved renovation duos, Ben and Erin Napier from Home Town and Dave and Jenny Marrs from 'Fixer to Fabulous', head to Fort Morgan, Colorado for the second season of 'Home Town Takeover.' The six-episode season will feature these hometown experts, along with 10 all-star HGTV and Food Network talents, working together to complete 18 renovation projects across homes, local businesses, and public spaces. From refreshing a local bowling alley to revitalizing a public park, updating homes of local heroes, and sprucing up the downtown business district, the team's goal is to amplify the town's charm, build community pride, and launch Fort Morgan into a new era of limitless potential. Jenny, Dave, Ben, and Erin will kick-start the renovation by surprising residents with their ambitious plan to complete multiple projects in just four months.


Dave, who grew up in Colorado, says, "Being a part of this epic renovation is so meaningful to us, especially because I grew up right here in Colorado. We're so honored to be able to help the families who give back to their neighbors and the small business owners who need a boost." To achieve this daunting task, the team is bringing in an army of HGTV and Food Network stars to help along the way, including Page Turner from Fix My Flip and Ty Pennington from Rock the Block. Get ready for a season filled with incredible transformations, heartwarming stories, and the magic of small-town charm.

In the season premiere of 'Home Town Takeover,' 'Farmhouse Fixer' star Jonathan Knight will join the team to renovate a local hero's home and spruce up the seating area at a favorite local coffee shop. Knight will be joined by Food Network star Molly Yeh, who will create an exciting addition to the coffee shop's menu.



What is the buzz around 'Home Town Takeover' Season 2?

Calling all fans of 'Home Town' and 'Fixer to Fabulous'! Get ready for an epic collaboration between renovation power couples Ben and Erin Napier and Dave and Jenny Marrs in season 2 of 'Home Town Takeover'. This time, the town in focus is Fort Morgan, Colorado, which is in dire need of an economic and cultural boost. With the help of 10 all-star HGTV and Food Network talent, Ben, Erin, Dave, and Jenny will take on 18 renovation projects to transform homes, local businesses, and public spaces in just four months. This is your chance to witness the incredible transformation of Fort Morgan and see the magic that can happen when small-town communities come together. Check out the trailer below and get ready to be inspired!



Where can watch previous episodes of 'Home Town Takeover'?

You can watch the previous episodes of 'Home Town Takeover' on Discovery+.

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 What date and time will ‘Home Town Takeover’ Season 2 release? Ben and Erin Napier take on Colorado