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'Welcome To Plathville' Season 4: Moriah calls out Olivia after 'constantly working around her feelings'

For Moriah, she might have reached her tipping point when it comes to Olivia
Olivia and Moriah on 'Welcome To Plathville' (TLC)
Olivia and Moriah on 'Welcome To Plathville' (TLC)

Season 4 of 'Welcome To Plathville' has put the Plath family in a rather unique situation. With nearly every member finding their own path, including Kim, it's a far cry from what fans remember on Season 1 of the show. And while things may seem grim for the younger kids and Barry, it is probably for the best that the family reconsiders how they approach life and communication.

For Kim and Barry, it looks like there is no turning back when it comes to their divorce. But so far, things seem amicable between the pair, as they continue to parent the younger Plath kids. Interestingly enough, their divorce has allowed Ethan to work towards fixing his relationship with his father, and with that brings hope that he might finally sit down and talk to Kim. But it looks like Olivia has no intention of doing so, ever.

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While the Plath family slowly seems to be fixing their relationships, Olivia was finally willing to talk to Barry, now that Kim was, to some extent, out of the picture. And while Olivia went back to Cairo along with Ethan, Micha and Moriah, it looks like the Plath family is still far away from finding peace. Seeing that it was Joshua's birthday, the family decided to get together. However, with Olivia there, it meant that Kim was not allowed to attend. So when it came to the family actually visiting Joshua's grave, Moriah made it known to Olivia that she could stay back if she wanted to, seeing that Kim would also be there.

Moriah even offered to stay back with Olivia. She explained that the family all wanted to be there for Joshua. However, in her confessionals, Olivia explained that she was taken aback by this information, as she was under the impression that it would be just her and the kids. The idea of Kim worried Olivia, due to her past trauma made her feel a sense of panic. She explained that her part of her felt as though she should just grow up and let go, but at the same time, she felt as though she was not making things up in her head and that she was "not crazy." She added that this caused her body to react and go into panic mode, leaving her with little control to stop.

However, it seems as though Moriah too is at a tipping point, as she expressed how she has always had to keep Olivia's feelings and emotions into account, "working around her feelings." What further upset Moriah was the fact that the family gathering and the day itself were not about Olivia. Moriah even noted that Olivia failed to check in on her and see if she was okay, which she found "ridiculous".


What do you think? Does Olivia need to take a step back and revaluate the situation? Or is her behaviour going to continue to fracture her relationship with Moriah? Sound off in the comments below.

'Welcome To Plathville' Season 4 airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC.