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'Welcome To Plathville' Season 4: Kim claims she doesn't want to 'save' her marriage, wants out

For Kim, nothing Barry does now is enough to make her want to stay
Kim on 'Welcome To Plathville' Season 4 (TLC)
Kim on 'Welcome To Plathville' Season 4 (TLC)

When it comes to marriage, the Plath family has always held it sacred, seeing that Lydia went so far as to describe it as a 'covenant' and not a 'contract'. However, regardless of their deep-rooted religious beliefs, it looks like a lot has changed in the Plath household, especially now since Kim has started to rediscover herself.

Season 4 has pretty much been centred around Kim and Barry's crumbling marriage, as the pair prepare to go their own way. While Barry has maintained that he was blindsided by the entire thing, Kim has noted that their split was a long time coming. Having spoken to the kids, it looks like divorce might be the only solution.

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So far, it looks like there is little to no hope when it comes to reconciliation between Kim and Barry. As the couple sat down to discuss their marriage, Kim explained that at various points, Barry's unpredictable behaviour is what set her off. She noted that his anger began to deeply affect her and although they approached the topic not too long ago, Barry did just enough to get her to stay. However, this did little to fix the problem.


Kim noted that she now wanted out, seeing that this was not a marriage she wanted to fix or work on any longer. Barry, during his confessionals, admitted that he "did not value her as a person", however, he also added that this was a lie she was believing. He explained that while it may have been her truth, he was now in defensive mode over the whole situation. When the producers asked him if he was still in love with Kim, he admitted that he was, but there was little that could be done to save their marriage, except for him to come to terms with the truth.

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When the producers asked if there was any hope of them getting back together, Barry noted that there could always be a chance of an outside miracle, but for now, they had to go their separate ways. Kim however, was silent the entire time, which somehow seemed to speak louder than Barry's words.

What do you think? Is Barry holding on to a false sense of hope? Is it time for him to accept that there might be no way to fix his marriage? Sound off in the comments below. 

'Welcome To Plathville' Season 4 airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC.