Idaho murders: Web sleuths wonder if suspect Bryan Kohberger was 'familiar with layout' of victims' home

Idaho murders: Web sleuths wonder if suspect Bryan Kohberger was 'familiar with layout' of victims' home
Bryan Kohberger has been arrested for the brutal slayings of four University of Idaho students (Monroe County Correctional Facility, News Nation/YouTube)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Since Bryan Christopher Kohberger, 28, got arrested for the brutal slayings of four University of Idaho students, the Internet has been obsessing over how he planned the murders. Some web sleuths allege that Kohberger might have known the "layout of the house" in advance and "could be lurking around the neighbourhood" days before the attack. 

Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21 were stabbed to death on November 13 as they slept in their off-campus rental house on King Road. On December 30, Kohberger, a PhD student in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the Washington State University, was arrested on four counts of first-degree murder and burglary. 


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Did Bryan Kohberger have 'easy access' to victims' home

The internet users have been speculating about Kohberger's motive and one Reddit user wrote, "As the police said this was a targeted attack, I am curious if he targeted the victims or the house itself (as in easy access). As the layout of the house is very unusual- does anyone think he was familiar with the house?"

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Another user believes that Kohberger might have entered the home when no one was there. In their post, they wrote, "they knew about the Elantra before the gas station photo. And when asking public for help finding the car, they specifically mentioned “in the days proceeding the day of the murder” (not direct quote). This leads me to believe they had seen him lurking around the neighborhood in days before so he probably scouted it. Layout isn’t hard to find online - but it’s also my personal belief he most likely entered while no one was home before the murder just to see if he could do it and this is where he got a sense for the layout. Roommates doors were locked and/or someone screamed which interrupted his plans and that’s why 2 roommates survived," the user wrote.

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"It is a bit of an odd house but it also seems very simple in some ways. Almost looks like they stacked trailers on top of one another. I agree, it’s def not some labyrinth," another user commented on the house.

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"He could have googled the address days, hours or even minutes before the attack. The whole house layout was on Zillow. This doesn’t seem like the type of person who’d be invited to an undergrad party," a user then suggested.

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Whereas another user believes that it is not easy to discern the layout from pictures, the user wrote, "Yet it still took people on this sub like days to fully understand how the house was laid out. Many looked at Zillow pictures and just saw a collection of rooms. People put together floor plans and drawings and all other manner of tools to help people visualize the layout because the layout was so weird. And not easy to discern from just the Zillow site." 

Did Bryan Kohberger crash party to scope out property before murders?

The user added "I’m not saying the Zillow listing would have been useless, but I don’t think him looking at Zillow suddenly allows him to know every inch of that house interior. Much less the reality inside within the context of those living in there. What rooms were occupied, what rooms weren’t. Who was in what room. I’m just not sure the Zillow site could have been a huge help to him.
Makes me think he scouted the house for some time beforehand, maybe using the Zillow and being on scene to get a feel for it in his head or even drew out floor plans himself. Or maybe he did park nearby one weekend and just wander around and wandered inside during a big party and if someone seemed weirded out he just pretended he was in the wrong house and left. All he would need was just a few minutes inside to get a solid understanding."

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