'We All Are One: Overcoming COVID-19': Airdate, where to watch and K-pop idols lineup

'We All Are One: Overcoming COVID-19': Airdate, where to watch and K-pop idols lineup
GOT7's Youngjae, Itzy and TXT are part of the lineup (@333cyj333/Instagram, @ITZYofficial, @TXT_bighit, @redangelkorea/Twitter)

South Korea’s national cheering squad Red Angel is back once again to hold a special K-pop concert. Previously, they had organized a ‘We All Are One’ concert for the Tokyo Olympics and the Paralympics that were held in the second half of 2021. To cheer the South Korean teams participating, they had roped in the likes of GOT7’s Yugyeom, BTOB and Monsta X. Well, the national cheering team will be hosting one more concert, this time for the military and struggling families.

Said to be the fourth edition of the ‘K-Pop Overcoming Covid-19: World Cheer Season 2’, Red Angel is organizing a ‘We All Are One’ concert with the theme of supporting the country’s military. Along with overcoming the global pandemic, the concert is said to be held to cheer those at the frontlines who continue to fight for the country. The lineup has been selected from K-pop acts that are popular at military bases like fromis_9, Itzy and STAYC.

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Red Angel is hosting another concert (@redangelkorea/Twitter)

Airdate and time

The ‘We All Are One: Overcoming COVID-19’ concert will be held on October 31 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).


Where to watch

The show will be streamed online on Coution’s website. A monthly membership fee, which can be purchased at the same website, will be required in order to watch the concert.


GOT7’s Youngjae



Youngjae is the third GOT7 member to be roped in for an ensemble concert. Previously, Yugyeom had performed at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 ‘We All Are One’ while Bambam is set to make an appearance at SBS’ ‘Super Concert’.




The boy group just had their first online concert ‘Act:Boy’ after the release of their repackage album ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape’.




They also participated in the ‘Child Fund Korea’s 2021’ and KBS Open Concert 'Police Day Special' concerts this week.




The girl group released their first studio album ‘Crazy In Love’ last month. They are also set to perform at ‘KOCCA ON THE K’ and ‘World is One 2021’ concerts.




The rookie girl group has been dominating charts with their recent release ‘Stereotype’. They had also previously participated in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 ‘We All Are One’ concert.

Online event

Red Angel has partnered up with Salvation Army for the online concert. The concert will be broadcast in 132 branches of the Salvation Army around the world. The proceedings will be donated for those who are struggling with Covid-19. Along with it, there will also be a Korean education event titled ‘Top Class Edu-I’. The organization has brought in language teachers to host a crash course on the Korean language for an hour. Cheering squads from around the world can also participate in the online event as there will be a selection through a lottery. 

The concert will air on October 31 at 5 am ET.


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 'We All Are One: Overcoming COVID-19': Airdate, where to watch, K-pop idols GOT7 Youngjae, TXT, ITZY