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Waukesha tragedy: Does the incident have links to Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict?

The Internet is divided over claims that the Waukesha Holiday parade tragedy stemmed from Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict.
UPDATED NOV 22, 2021
Internet divided over Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy being linked to Rittenhouse verdict (Facebook/Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images)
Internet divided over Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy being linked to Rittenhouse verdict (Facebook/Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images)

Black man Darrell E. Brooks is the suspect in the Waukesha Holiday Tragedy and he currently remains in police custody for driving his red SUV into the celebrating crowd. People present at the rally are devastated after witnessing over 40 people injured on-site, many of whom were reportedly kids. Authorities have confirmed there are five fatalities resulting from this incident and spectators who survived took to social media to detail their horror. Among these accounts of terror, several people discussed if the incident stemmed from the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. 

Before we look into these claims, here are a couple of events similar to the Waukesha tragedy. In June, one person lost their life at the Florida Pride Parade after a man plowed his pickup truck into the rally. Fort Lauderdale mayor had dubbed the tragedy a "terrorist attack against the LGBT community." In another incident, Shawn Chock plowed his pickup truck into a group of bicyclists who took part in a weekend race in an Arizona mountain town, critically injured several riders. Investigations showed he had a criminal record of intoxicated driving. In September, a car plowed into a homeless camp in Koreatown, Los Angeles leaving 4 hospitalized. 


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Did Waukesha Parade tragedy have links to Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict?

On November 19, a 12-person jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, who killed Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum at the Kenosha riots in August 2020, on all five charges including homicide. Coming back to the Waukesha holiday parade tragedy, Black male Darrell E. Brooks, a suspect in this case was arrested after he allegedly barrelled his red Ford Escape into the celebrating crowd. Police assembled outside his Milwaukee residence after scanner audio mentioned his name. The 39-year-old complained of shoulder pain when taken into custody by the police who also recovered a Ford key while arresting him. 

Brooks is a rapper who goes by the name Mathboi Fly on Facebook. He also has another account by the name Jay Brooks which appears to be his primary account through which he shared an article about the verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse's case. He shared it with a facepalm emoji and in the comments mentioned he wasn't surprised one bit about the outcome. Brooks make any hateful remarks about the case and the police have not established this as a motive of his crime. However, the Internet is divided over these claims leaving some thinking there is a connection while others feel the crime is unrelated. 

"BREAKING - Waukesha suspect(s) *may* have been fleeing a different crime and ended up on parade route trying to escape. So this could have absolutely *nothing* to do with Kenosha or Rittenhouse other than a coincidence of geography," a user wrote citing a conversation between an NBC reporter and authorities. "I feel like this is the case. People fleeing some bad situation. The driver is going to vilified beyond belief and rightfully so. I don’t think it was planned but he killed innocent people and most likely children," wrote another. "That was the first thing I thought of...they did not look like they were intentionally aiming for people," a third wrote. "I thought it was something like that from the beginning… it actually looks like the car is trying…..not to hit the most people. Praying for those hurt," a fourth commented. 

Another user seeing a connection between the verdict and the tragedy tweeted, "As I sat and listened to the news about Waukesha WI I heard multiple times domestic terrorism might be a key to what happened. Then I remember Antifa vowed to retaliate for Rittenhouse's freedom. Just a conspiracy I'm sure." Another tweeted, "Pray for the victims in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The left is Sending their minions out for a Patriot Purge after the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict. What do you have to say CNN or MSNBC? Gonna play down this incident? A Christmas parade Darrell Brooks? ROT IN HELL." A third tweeted, "5 dead in Waukesha because Kyle Rittenhouse refused to get murdered." A fourth wrote, "you think Waukesha was random? think again. leftist media outlets have been screaming how Rittenhouse verdict was a win for white supremacy. so one of their BLM peddlers decided to take action. #Waukesha #Kenosha #blm."








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