Waukesha tragedy: Did alleged suspect Darrell Brooks fire shots at parade from SUV?

Here's the truth about claims made on social media by devastated spectators who witnessed the bloody mayhem caused in Waukesha

                            Waukesha tragedy: Did alleged suspect Darrell Brooks fire shots at parade from SUV?
A red SUV (circled) driven by alleged suspect Darrell E Brooks from Milwaukee barrelled into the rally at Waukesha in full speed killing several and injuring 20 people (Facebook/DOJ)

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: A number of controversies have stemmed from the Waukesha holiday parade tragedy including the one where Internet users claimed this attack is connected to the verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse's case. Darrell Brooks, 39, from Milwaukee is being touted as the alleged suspect who drove his red Ford Escape into the celebrating crowd killing 5 and injuring 40 people. "These numbers may change as we collect additional information. Many people have self-transported to area hospitals," the city of Waukesha said in a Twitter post on Nov 22 adding that the police had arrested a person of interest. Police, however, have not identified the suspect by name.

A 25-minute video of the parade was live-streamed on Facebook on Sunday, November 20. Waukesha is a community of about 72,000 people and the Christmas parade is an annual ritual held on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Participants show up in fancy dress, and the parade is a party complete with marching bands, dancers, and decorated vehicles. The theme this year was "comfort and joy" but the celebration turned into a tragedy after Brooks, a convicted felon barrelled into the crowd causing bloody mayhem. 



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Did Darrell Brooks shoot at the crowd at the Waukesha parade?

People on social media turned sleuths after Darrell Brooks' name was being circulated as a suspect in the Waukesha tragedy. His alleged Facebook page has since been taken down but screenshots of certain posts are floating on Twitter. In one of the alleged posts he spoke about "knocking white people off" while another screenshot suggests he supports the radical left Black nationalist movement, the Black Panther Party (BPP). Amid all other claims and controversies, certain witnesses of the event also claimed that there were two more suspects and Brooks, who also goes by his rap name, Madboi Fly wasn't alone. It was also claimed that the alleged suspect fired shots from his car at the crowd while ramming into them. 

The live video too captured the sound of a loud bang which witnesses said was a firearm going off. A clarification was provided by the cops later on in this matter. "Police have debunked the claims that the driver in Waukesha was firing out of his window. The only shots fired came from a Waukesha police officer as he tried to stop the driver from fleeing," a tweet read, confirming that Brooks or the alleged suspect didn't fire a gun at the Waukesha parade. "Clarifications after early reports: Now 1 arrested person of interest (not 3). Now no shots fired from vehicle. Shots were from police firing at vehicle. Deaths confirmed in unknown number. At least 20 hospitalized. #ChristmasParade #Waukesha #Wisconsin #ChristmasParadeMassacre" another tweet read. Journalist Mary Spicuzza tweeted, "Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson said earlier that believes no shots were fired from the SUV. A police officer fired his gun to try to stop the vehicle, and that no one was injured by the shots fired." News anchor Josh Benson tweeted police chief Steve Howard's statement which read, "At this time, we do not believe that there were any shots fired from the vehicle, we had officers discharge shots to stop the vehicle." 






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