'Walker': Why did Lindsey Morgan almost quit acting? Here are 5 things 'The 100' fans can tell you about her

Walker's new partner in the Texas Rangers is Micki, played by 'The 100' actress Lindsey Morgan, in her first lead role on a primetime TV series

                            'Walker': Why did Lindsey Morgan almost quit acting? Here are 5 things 'The 100' fans can tell you about her
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'Supernatural' fans may be upset that the hit sci-fi show came to an end in 2020, but fans of actor Jared Padalecki won't have to wait long for his return to TV. Padalecki is set to take on the role of Cordell Walker — made popular by Chuck Norris in the '90s television series 'Walker, Texas Ranger' — in The CW's reboot titled 'Walker'. When the series starts, it will pick up with Walker reeling from the loss of his wife, Emily, played by Padalecki's wife Genevieve Padalecki, whom he met while filming 'Supernatural'. 

In the reboot, Walker's new partner in the Texas Rangers is Micki, played by 'The 100' actress Lindsey Morgan, in her first lead role on a primetime TV series. Morgan is best known for playing Raven Reyes on The CW's 'The 100' and Kristina Davis on ABC's 'General Hospital'. It was through her role as Raven Reyes that Morgan rose to prominence. For those viewers who may not have watched 'The 100', here are a few things that 'The 100' fans can tell you about Morgan, as she gets set to return to television.


Morgan is of both Irish and Mexican heritage, born to Kelly Morgan and Alice Burciaga, and has an older brother, a half-sister and five step-siblings. While she is proud of her mixed heritage, she has admitted that it has caused some difficulties in her career. In an interview with The Huffington Post, she said, "I love that I am exposed to two different cultures! I really had a great and unique upbringing. I mean, sometimes people can be confused by it, especially in my industry. Some casting directors feel 'I am too ethnic, or not ethnic enough. Or not believable as Caucasian, etc.' which is pretty nuts. But regardless, I love being mixed and really appreciate my heritage."

She almost quit acting after 'General Hospital'

For her role as Kristina Davis in 'General Hospital', Morgan was nominated for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2013. However, the work on the show was overwhelming. Besides, hate directed at her on the internet turned Morgan's anxiety into a deep depression, according to her interview with Style Verify, as reported by Just Jared Jr. She said, "I never told anyone how unhappy I was because I was also grateful I had a job versus so many people that didn’t. I did not think I was allowed to be miserable, but I was overworked, sleep-deprived, and just lost."

After the role was recast, Morgan was upset. She said, "I cried in my car and had this very intense anxiety attack of ‘oh my god, I do not have a job anymore.’ ‘I have to start auditioning again,’ ‘what if I never get another role?’ ‘What if I am terrible?’ ‘they fired me; no one will hire me', and ‘I should just quit, I should just go back home, what am I even doing here?!’” 

However, she quit only for an hour and headed back to acting classes. “I gave up right there in my car and thought I would do something else, go back to school somehow and figure it out. Then I cried it all out, and an intense calm came over me,” she said. “I realized I could not quit, I would have to make something work, I would have to work harder and get better, and I could not give up on myself."

Her character in 'The 100' was meant to be killed off in Season 1

When Lindsey Morgan started on 'The 100', Raven Reyes was just a recurring character. However, Morgan was promoted to series regular from Season 2 and had been on the show till the series finale. According to her interview with Channel 4, Raven was meant to be killed off in Season 1. She told the publication, "I ended up living in a hotel in Vancouver for six months because they kept extending the role. I was booked for a certain amount of episodes, so I was ready to pack my suitcase after the episode where Raven was supposed to die. I remember saying, 'I love this show. I love Raven, but she’s dying tomorrow. It’s so sad.'"

She continued, "And then I got a call, 'So, Lindsey… We’re going to keep you for two more weeks.' And that just kept happening. I kept getting the call. 'One more week, Lindsey.' Then another. Then another. From what I know now, things were changing on the fly in the writers’ room. They had always intended her to die, but I’m glad she didn’t. They kept extending it, which was a lovely surprise for me along the way. It was like, 'Oh, I made it. I’m holding on here.'”

She is multi-talented and no stranger to action

Morgan made her directorial debut in the seventh season of 'The 100', directing the episode titled 'The Queen's Gambit'. But that's not all that Morgan can do. For her 2020 film, 'Skylin3s', Morgan was able to show some moves she could not on 'The 100'. She told Showbiz Cheat Sheet, "I had been learning Thai kickboxing and Muay Thai just on my own, as a workout and something new to do, like a new hobby. So I was lucky that I had these skills already that I got to bring into Skylin3s and kind of get to showcase them. I really didn’t get to do too many stunts in The 100 so it was pretty exciting to me."

Her dating life

Morgan is currently in a relationship with Canadian actor Shaun Sipos. Morgan takes to Instagram regularly to share pictures of her boyfriend and the two of them. Sipos is best known for his roles in 'Melrose Place', 'Krypton' and 'Life Unexpected'. 

'Walker' will premiere on The CW on Thursday, January 21, 2021, at 8/7c.

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