Georgia Waffle House staff tells Black woman he has '2 nooses in his car' in viral video

TikToker @mrlegendmoss says a waitress who works there 'asked for a noose' in front of her and her daughter

                            Georgia Waffle House staff tells Black woman he has '2 nooses in his car' in viral video
A Black woman recorded a TikTok video of how she was discriminated against at the Waffle House in Georgia (Photo Credit: @mrlegendmoss/ TikTok)

It felt dangerous to go jogging, bird-watching, or call 911 when Black and after the killing of George Floyd by a police officer, there has been a spate of cases where the community has been reporting being discriminated against or receiving racist slurs. Now, in a recent incident, several Waffle House employees made jokes about asking for a noose in front of a Black mother in Gainesville, Georgia.

@mrlegendmoss, a TikTok user, posted a video of her standing near her family's table, documenting the incident at the outlet. A waitress at the restaurant "asked for a noose" in front of her and her daughter, she claimed. When asked to speak with the manager, @mrlegendmoss was told by him that he "had two nooses in his car." Such incidents, while shocking seem to happen quite often, In July this year, New Jersey's Abigail Elphick became famous after she threw a full-blown tantrum when she realized that she was being recorded while trying to hit a Black customer. In October, an Alabama woman got a noose from colleague who said Black people are hanged in her town.


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In the latest video to go viral on social, one can see the furious TikToker request the check and a phone number for their corporate headquarters after her distressing treatment at the outlet. She claimed in the comments that no one responded to her online complaint. Since Friday, November 12, the video has gained 1.9 million views.

A black woman recorded on her TikTok how she was humiliated in front of her family at the Waffles. (Photo Credit: @mrlegendmoss/TikTok)

“So I’m pretty doggone sure this is probably the [most] racist place I’ve ever been,” she is heard saying in frustration as she documented how her family and she were treated at Waffle House. 



Waffle House then posted a statement on Twitter after several TikTok users complained online, stating they were "taking the allegations very seriously."



"We have reached out privately to the customer in an effort to gain more information about this incident,” the statement says. “We intend to conduct a thorough investigation into all of her allegations, after which we will take appropriate disciplinary action.”

A Black woman recorded on her TikTok how she faced trouble because of her skin color at the Waffles. (Photo Credit: @mrlegendmoss/TikTok)

Twitter users too raised concern over the matter. One user said " I would get up, without paying and leave. I wouldn’t pay a dime. Then I would follow-up with filing a complaint."  Another user commented, "Hate posts like this that have 1 person claiming something. Sorry, but want something more than a video from someone claiming racism"

One Twitter user said, "I will never understand why someone would hate someone else because of the pigment of their skin or for anything. The world would be weird if it had nothing but identical humans running around." 

"She is a champ. I don’t know what I would do in that situation." Responded another user. 

"I am white my husband is brown. We were asked to leave a waffle house in TN by a couple of guys who don't condone race-mixing. Management was cool with it. I hate racists and I am sorry you went through that.", said another user showing empathy towards the said victim of the situation.