Waitress pulls gun on diner in dispute over eggs, Internet jokes 'Omelettin it slide'

A Waffle House employee allegedly pulled a gun on Candy Franklin in Atlanta because he complained about his eggs not being done the correct way

                            Waitress pulls gun on diner in dispute over eggs, Internet jokes 'Omelettin it slide'
A Waffle House restaurant (Waffle House/Instagram) and Candy Franklin, the diner who had to stare at a gun over an order for eggs (Eric Perry/Twitter)

Gun violence stories can rarely be light-hearted, but one Atlanta man did see the funny side after he was nearly shot in a Waffle House. Candy Franklin recounted how a dispute over his order led one waitress to pull a gun on him. Luckily though, the situation ended without any bullets being fired. The clip of his interview is now going viral on the internet, with many eggs-cellent puns being made by social media.

Waffle House is no stranger to making the news often for the wrong reasons. In January 2020, an Alabama location was left defending itself after a BLM protester was arrested violently, following a dispute with staff. That arrest escalated into a debate on police brutality as the police were also forced to defend themselves. Back in 2019, two employees in DeKalb County were fired after placing condiments on the head of a passed-out customer. 


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"I never in a million years thought it would come to gun violence," said Franklin as his story made its way to Fox5 Atlanta. His short interview was tweeted by the reporter, Eric Perry, which quickly caught social media's attention. From puns to condemnation, there was a lot the Internet had to say about Waffle House. If you are wondering what prompted this reaction, it was simply because the waitress got Franklin's order wrong.


'I'll blow your brains out'

On October 20, Franklin visited the Waffle House in downtown Atlanta and ordered cheese eggs. At first, he never received his order so he complained. Then he was brought regular eggs, so he again called over the waitress and said they got his order wrong. "It was all a normal dispute over food," he told Perry. Things quickly escalated from there, with the waitress, identified as Angelica Patterson, pulling a gun on Franklin and threatening to blow his brains out.

"I didn’t think she would shoot then she cocked it back. So, I was like maybe she is about to do something. Now, it’s time for me to turn into Rambo and get out of there," he joked. Reportedly, Franklin exited the restaurant and called the cops, who didn't arrest Patterson but did charge her with aggravated assault. Patterson, however, had a very different version of events when questioned.

According to WSB, Patterson claimed Franklin started arguing with her and the cook "the minute he made his order." She claimed he continued to complain for several minutes and even changed his order multiple times. When she went out for a smoke break, she claims Franklin followed her and continued to yell. Eventually, he left because he got what he wanted, she says. Beyond the duo, there reportedly weren't any witnesses to the incident, so it's unclear what the exact truth is.

Franklin's interview with Perry quickly caught a lot of attention though. At the time of publication, the video had over 700 retweets and 2,700 likes. Here's the video that's got people talking-



'Send Waffle House employees into combat'

As you would expect, Twitter users perfectly used the opportunity to make some rather hilarious reactions. One person replied, "Omelettin’ it slide this time." Another noted, "The reporters puns are eggs-cellent." To that, one person replied, "He understood eggactly what the assignment was." One user clearly couldn't help but laugh, tweeting, "I’m going to hell for laughing at this."






But it wasn't just puns, others had even more hilarious takes on the story. One person commented, "I guess at Waffle House you just take what they give you." Another tweeted, "We need #WHNN (Waffle House News Network). Maybe Real Staff of Waffle House. Waffle House Wars... TBH, I'd watch it." One person quipped, "I really think the DoD could save some money by replacing the first 4 weeks of special forces training with shifts at the Waffle House." To that, another person replied, "Or Just send Waffle House employees into Combat. Shit will be over before noon. and they got there at 10."






Whatever the truth, we'll get to know it eventually. Atlanta police are investigating the incident, and Waffle House has also announced an internal probe. Franklin, however, won't be visiting the establishment again any time soon. "No more waffle house for me," he said.