VIVIZ announce 'Global Spin' performance in hanboks, fans declare ‘Grammy loves them’

VIVIZ announce 'Global Spin' performance in hanboks, fans declare ‘Grammy loves them’
VIVIZ is now only the fourth K-pop act and the first K-pop girl group to perform at the Grammys Global Spin Live show (@VIVIZ_official/Twitter)

Seems like there is no stopping the three-member girl group VIVIZ, who had to hit the reset button after the disbandment of their former girl group GFriend. But their experience obviously counts because even though VIVIZ is a rookie group, the members are seasoned idols. While taking over the performance-based variety show ‘Queendom 2’ on Mnet, VIVIZ also shocked fans by announcing that their debut single, ‘Bop Bop’ was going to get an English version, featuring the global sensation DJ Yves. Now, as fans already had their calendars marked for the release of the track, VIVIZ has given them more reason to look forward to their slow global domination with a 'Global Spin Live' performance for the Grammys.

VIVIZ is made up of SinB, Eunha, and Umji, who were all formerly part of GFriend. They became the first-ever K-pop act to be invited to the Grammy Museum for an exclusive interview proving their continued domination. Orginally part of GFriend, they had debuted with a small K-pop company, Source Music, which was later acquired by HYBE. As HYBE readied the launch of its own girl group, Source Music pulled the plug on GFriend. All the members of the group, including the trio who banded together to re-debut as VIVIZ, have been vocal about the shocking disbandment, pointing out their former label Source Music’s wrongdoings. Fans of the disbanded GFriend have made it their business to support the members of the now-fourth gen group in everything that they do now.


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VIVIZ become first K-pop girl group to perform at Grammy’s Global Spin

On April 22, Big Planet Made, the label that is currently in charge of the activities of VIVIZ, announced that the trio was selected as the first-ever K-pop girl group and the only fourth-gen K-pop act to be invited to perform for the Grammys' original series called ‘Grammy Global Spin’. Other than VIVIZ, Ateez is the only other K-pop group who have been invited to perform at the show. This is also a breakthrough event for K-pop as VIVIZ will be the first K-pop female idol group to perform for the show in the United States, proving K-pop's newfound global reach.

The show, 'Global Spin,' is produced by the Recording Academy famously known for hosting the Grammy Awards. While VIVIZ is the second K-pop group to perform at the show, soloist B.I has already bagged the record for being the first-ever K-pop act and the first soloist followed by Seori to perform for US Grammy’s 'Global Spin Live,' making VIVIZ the fourth K-pop act of the show. The show is an original series produced by the Grammys itself, where artists representing countries around the world perform on a 'global stage'.

Putting female K-pop groups on the radar of the event will now be VIVIZ’s responsibility who are set to put up a performance for 'Global Spin Live' on April 26 at 10 am PT (1 pm ET and 2 am KST). It is also stated that this performance will serve as an opening act to VIVIZ’s US debut where they are set to release the English version of ‘Bop Bop’.


‘So iconic’

Fans are in full support of VIVIZ as one said, “Apparently Grammy was fallen in love with them, them (with gfriend) was first and only girl group invited on Grammy museum back then. And now as viviz, they become first girl group to perform on grammy global spin. Congrats eunha sinb umji.” Another fan said, “Gfriend: 1st korean gg being interviewed on grammys museum. Viviz: 1st korean gg to appear on grammy global spin.”

One fan stated, “Viviz is the first girlgroup to perform on grammy global spin.” Another fan said, “Viviz 4th on qd2 and then we get viviz on Grammy global spin?! Don't play with my emotions rn viviz. I was off crying bcs eunha cried earlier.” One fan said, “Viviz on grammy global spin and with hanboks, they are so iconic.” A fan stated, “Me ranting about viviz rank on qd and then suddenly viviz update 'grammy global spin performance” One fan claimed, “Gfriend: 1st korean gg being interviewed on grammys museum. Viviz: 1st korean gg to appear on grammy global spin. They are so iconic.”








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