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Is Virginia Combs calling it quits? 'Married at First Sight' star develops anxiety from Erik Lake's expectations

Looks like Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake's 'honeymoon period' is over, seeing that the expectations are beginning to mount
Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake tackle issues together on 'Married at First Sight' (@mafslifetime/ Instagram)
Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake tackle issues together on 'Married at First Sight' (@mafslifetime/ Instagram)

Finding your soulmate is no easy feat. So, it comes as no surprise that some people believe that this job is better left to the experts. While the expert team on 'Married at First Sight' have had a few hits and misses, the track record here always changes unpredictably — sometimes, the couples that fans think are doomed to split, manage to make it work. 

This season of 'MAFS' definitely has its share of questionable pairing and if there's a couple that stands out the most, it's Erik Lake and his wife, Virginia Coombs. There is definitely quite an age gap between the two, seeing that Lakes is 34 and Coombs in 26, which has made things quite interesting for the pair. And, this far into the season, their vastly different approach to life and love is starting show.


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Right off the bat, Lake had an inkling that Coombs is high energy, and that's putting it lightly. Coombs' lifestyle up until now involved a lot of partying and just having fun in general, which is a stark contrast to the fact that Lake is looking to settle down. Even with regard to having children, Coombs is in no particular rush, but Lake's family doesn't see the point in waiting, which is a bit of a conflict of interest.

The couple, however, were keen on having a blast during their honeymoon and did so, in a sense. Lake definitely struggled to keep up with Coombs' party girl ways, seeing that she clearly had a much, much higher tolerance for alcohol compared to him. While he never really stopped her, he did remind her that as a pilot, he wouldn't be able to keep up this lifestyle post the honeymoon, as pilots have strict rules when it comes to being inebriated, even hours before a flight.

He also expressed his concern over the fact that most of his wife's friends were men - according to him, men and women can never really be friends.
When the couple made their way back to Atlanta after the honeymoon, Lake kept an open mind while meeting Coombs' male friends and vice versa.

The pair's friend groups even warmed up to the idea of the two of them, seeing that it was clear that they did like each other. According to Lake's friends, he needed to loosen up a bit, and Coombs' friends also agreed that she required stability.

However, adjusting to change seems to be harder for Coombs than it is for Lake since a lot of the demands are coming from his end. She wrote off Lake's general concern and need to text on and off and as him encroaching on her space, even though he tried to explain that he wasn't keeping tabs on her, he'd just like to know where she was, just in case.

A tougher conversation came along when Lake admitted that ever since his first divorce, he has not been in love. While he dated, no of it felt right and he kept comparing it to what he had. Coombs mentioned that this situation gave her anxiety, seeing that it felt like quite a lot of pressure on her, considering she now had a standard that she was expected to live up to.

Do you think she'll be able to adapt to all this sudden change? Or is Lake talking about his failed marriage a red flag, seeing that he's mentioned that it was one of convenience? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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