Did Chris Williams call 'MAFS' star Virginia Coombs 'drunkard'? Here's why her husband Erik Lake fought back

Looks like Paige Banks isn't the only person Chris Williams is having serious trouble with, he also nearly hit fellow 'MAFS' castmate Erik Lake

                            Did Chris Williams call 'MAFS' star Virginia Coombs 'drunkard'? Here's why her husband Erik Lake fought back
Chris Williams, Paige Banks, Erik Lake, Virginia Coombs of 'Married At First Sight' (Lifetime)

Another week, another episode of the Chris Williams Show, oops, we mean 'Married At First Sight'. With the couples returning home after this episode, tension and drama were definitely running high. And yet, somehow, Williams managed to make the entire episode about his never-ending drama, while sparking some more fights in the process. 

Before we get into all the new drama that started, here's an update on the chaos that Paige Banks and Chris Williams call a marriage. The couple is apparently trying to make it work, but it is clear as day that Banks is no longer the bubbly person we saw at the start of the season. After Williams declared that he is not attracted to her and after news of his baby mama, the couple hit another massive snag in their relationship that just might prove to be a deal-breaker. 


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Banks made it clear that she was excited to go back home to her dog, Bentley. Williams, on the other hand, was not as excited. He made it plenty clear that dogs on the bed were a big no and added that he wouldn't be taking care of the dog either. He said if Banks' dog got to his things, it would be a big problem. Banks seemed upset by his attitude. It didn't help that Williams made a comment saying "you take care of it, I'll just play with it". Fans were quick to point out that while Williams expects Banks to be a stepmother, yet he can't get on board with taking care of a dog.

The situation just got even more awkward when Williams mentioned that they need to split any cash gifts they received, which left Banks confused, seeing that they were married. She even mentioned that they'd need a joint account because although she makes less than he does (she makes a quarter of his income, which he obviously pointed out) she would still like to contribute towards bills and other household expenses. Williams shut down the idea and Twitter had some clues as to just why he did that.

"Chris - Will you accept my baby and be a stepmother and listen to me be emotionally abusive to you? Paige- Yes. Will you take Bentley out in the morning sometimes? Chris- No. I won't take IT out. Also, my money is mine and so is yours. #MAFS #MAFS12 #Selfish," tweeted a fan. "Average subway does $400,000 a year in sales, So profits for a year are about $80,000. It would have cost you about $200,000 to open it, so it would take you about three years to get your money back. You not an entrepreneur with one tiny little Subway Chris. #mafs," tweeted another. "I can almost guarantee that Paige makes more money than Chris. I don’t believe he has stability in any area. I also feel like he has NO idea how he’s coming across. He has a real comprehension deficit, that needed to be corrected as a child. This is a lot. #MAFS," tweeted another.


The drama between Banks and Williams wasn't just between them. Williams had a bone to pick with Virginia Coombs and her husband Erik Lake. When Williams broke the news to the group that his ex-fiancée was pregnant, Coombs asked if he was sure the child was his. This did not sit well with Williams. He thought that Coombs was extremely disrespectful and was making fun of him. This argument spiraled out of control when in this week's episode, Coombs asked Williams about the couple's situation. What started as a seemingly simple conversation quickly escalated into a massive blowout when Williams said he didn't want Coombs' fake concern. He also called her a drunkard and went on to throw a temper tantrum.


If you think this is where it ends, wait for it. The situation spiraled some more when Coombs and Lake made it to the final couple dinner. The two entered just after Williams made his grand apology to the table. Lake approached Williams instantly and confronted him, suggesting that he should never talk to his wife ever again. The argument got so heated that the two seemed ready to go at each other.

Fans seemed torn between both the men's behavior seeing that neither of them handled the situation well. "I do think Virginia and Erik should have read the room, before firing off. But at the same time, I don’t think Chris has intentions apologizing to Erik and VA. Because if he did, he would have just heard Erik out and steered that back towards his lil grace speech #MAFS," tweeted a fan. 

"Erik stood there & listened while Chris was arguing w/Virginia, then decides to stand up for her 4 hours later. Regardless, he should've taken Chris aside for that convo. #MAFS," added another. "Erik is going to be so mad at himself when he finally watches this all back. Your wife stepped to another man and got handled and now you want to be mad and tell said man what to do? Sir, go fly a plane. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #MAFSATL," tweeted a fan. "Honestly, imma have to agree with Chris on this one. How Erik and VA gonna walk in late...after Chris’ apology and come ready to throw hands? They did this the last episode. They keep poking the bear. They are the problem here!! #MAFS," added another. 


While Williams' disapproval rating plummets to an all-time low, it looks like even Pastor Cal Roberson is not a fan of his drama. As reported by Reality TV World, in a recent interview with Atlanta's 96.3 WHUR radio show called The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown, Pastor Cal Roberson mentioned that Williams' behaviour took them all by surprise. "No way that the person you see is the person that we saw. You know, we'll vet people. And I don't know if people know this, but we go through a lot of vetting... anywhere from six weeks to a month." He said. "The cameras came on and Chris became this different person. We were just as surprised and pretty pissed as you guys are." He added, defending their choice. 

He did mention that Williams being engaged wasn't a cause for concern, seeing that the situation wasn't uncommon to 'MAFS'. "This was not the first person who's ever done that. And some people who have done that have been successful and in fact are still even married," he added. Seeing that Williams has been talking to his baby mama about raising their child together but wanting to make his marriage work with Banks, we have no telling what lies ahead for the couple. 

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