Did Chris Williams start feud with Jamie Otis? Here's why 'MAFS' star lashed out at her on Instagram

Did Chris Williams start feud with Jamie Otis? Here's why 'MAFS' star lashed out at her on Instagram
Chris Williams and Jamie Otis from 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime, @jamieotis/ Instagram)

It isn't a season of 'Married at First Sight' if there isn't a whole bunch of drama to go along with it and this time, we aren't just referring to what's happening on screen. It's a known fact that 'MAFS' alumni often tend to watch the show and even talk about it on social media. Most of the time, you'll notice that this chatter is saved for posts uploaded by the official 'MAFS' Instagram account. It isn't uncommon to see the alumni interact with each other or voice their thoughts and opinions. For the most part, the exchange is full of supportive comments and fun banter. Until it's not.

Looks like this season's Chris Williams knows how to find himself at the heart of the controversy, no matter what he does. And coming for Season 1 sweetheart Jamie Otis might have not been the wisest thing to do. Here's a quick recap, in case you need to refresh your memory. Jamie Otis was on Season 1 of the show, where she met her now-husband Doug Hehner. While Otis and Hehner are now a happily married couple with two beautiful children, they got on to a very rocky start. 


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Otis is known to have broken down on camera when she met her new husband back on the show, owing to the fact that she was not attracted to him in the slightest.



It was extremely hard to watch, seeing that all of this unfolded on the day of their wedding. The two worked through all their differences, however, and are now a bit of a 'MAFS' success story, seeing how they've made it despite the odds.

So, back to the present day, what's Williams' feud with Otis, exactly? When the 'MAFS' Instagram account uploaded this post, with the caption, 'A storm is coming. Don't miss all the drama that's to come with a brand new episode of #MarriedAtFirstSight tomorrow night at 8/7c,' fans of the show were quick to comment, including Otis, who had this to say: 'Paige, no one would blame ya if you wanted to RUN!I feel so bad for the mess you’re in!😭 Girllll, you deserve so much better!💯' 



While most fans agreed, Williams himself clearly did not. He took to social media to slam the star in comments, which are now deleted. As reported by CheatSheet, Williams responded by saying, "Did anyone tell your husband to run when you embarrassed him on national TV, crying and pouting like a 5 year old while still in your wedding dress at the altar? Nothing no one has ever done to their spouse ever compares to that. After [your] two failed stints on The Bachelor? You and your husband’s story of redemption afterwards is amazing, but you would think there would be a little more grace from you.” Despite all the heat he was getting, Williams asked fans to "keep watching the show." He also said that the "truth would come out in due time."

Otis didn't reply to his comments, although she did comment on another post about the couple. The caption to this post reads, "Should Paige stick around? 🤔 Have your thoughts changed about their relationship? 🤔 #MarriedAtFirstSight" Otis added, saying 'I’d love for Chris to come on Unfiltered. It’d be so interesting to hear what he has to say .... 💯' 



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