Video shows 'Karen' neighbor barging into Hispanic family's Christmas home party

In the viral TikTok video, a White lady interrupts the Hispanic family's Christmas celebrations at home to tell them to 'quiet down'

                            Video shows 'Karen' neighbor barging into Hispanic family's Christmas home party
Screengrab from the video showing a white lady barging into a Hispanic family's home to interrupt their Christmas celebrations (Photo by @sweet_shortyyy/TikTok)

A White lady displayed what can only be called 'Karen' behavior by barging into a Hispanic family's home and interrupting their Christmas celebrations. Her actions can be viewed thanks to a viral TikTok video, released by TikTok user @sweet shortyyy — better known as KT Ileana — that had 2.2 million views by Sunday, December 26. The text overlay on the video reads: “A Karen stormed into our Chrismas party.” Ileana added, “Karen should know better than to try to mess with Hispanics."

The 'Karen' neighbor is seen entering the house through what looks to be a kitchen door from the outside in the video. “Can I ask you guys to quiet down? It’s about 10 after 11.”  she requested, raising her hand to gain the family's attention. She was cut off by one of the family members. “You need to get out. This is not your party,” the family member remarked, directing the Karen to exit via the door she had entered from,adding, “Get out of my house right now,” in case she hadn't already got the message. 'Karen moments' like these, aimed at intimidating Hispanics, are not new. Earlier this year, a woman was dubbed was seen in a video telling a Hispanic family to “go back to your brown country” following a mild parking lot altercation in New Caney, Texas. 


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Many users on TikTok expressed their thoughts in the comment section of the video. Karen's "top tier caucasity," said one TikTok user, describing the woman's behaviour. Several viewers suggested that the Hispanic family should report the Karen neighbor to the police for trespassing into their home. One viewer suggested, “Call the police and press charges, Please press charges. That’s trespassing.” Others remarked on the woman's entitlement, astounded that she would go so far as to invade another's house.


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“The older generation thinks they're so entitled and can do whatever they want,” commented one viewer. “KARENING inside someone’s else’s home I’ve seen it all now.” another person remarked. “Hello? In the House?” one person questioned, “If I didn’t see this, there is no way I’d believe someone would act this entitled.” Another tweet read: “Yoooooo the audacity. She’s a Karen prestige master.” Yet another person remarked, “Watched this 5x and am still flabbergasted.”

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