Drive-thru staffer slams 'Karen' in 'old-a** Chrysler' for holding up line in viral video

Drive-thru staffer slams 'Karen' in 'old-a** Chrysler' for holding up line in viral video
An unknown fast food worker can be seen in the video asking the 'Karen' to leave as she was holding up the line (Reddit/ @u/DrunkMindSoberHeart)

A video has gone viral on the internet as it showed a fast-food worker standing up to a woman dubbed ‘Karen’ after she apparently refused to pay the full price of the item she bought. The place and time of the incident are unknown but the video was first shared on Reddit almost 24 hours ago.

The two minutes and six seconds long video clip begins with the worker telling the woman that he does not care if she’s making a video of him. And as 'Karen' enquired about his name and number, he replied, “No, you’re not getting my name! Now show them that.” He then continued, “Do you think I give a f**k about this job? No, I don’t, on mom! Now get out my drive-thru, you’re holding up my line.”


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The argument between the two continued for a few more seconds before the woman chided the staffer and asked him to learn the manner to talk to people. But the server instead told her to move so that others could place their orders. Reportedly, the verbal exchange started after 'Karen' asked for a discount on her food based on a coupon she had which she apparently forgot to mention while placing the order. The worker then explained to her that she won’t get any discount and she had to pay the full amount which irked her.

The woman also threatened the worker and told him that she’ll send his recording to his higher authority to which the latter reacted, “I don’t give a f**k! You think I give a f**k don’t you? But I don’t. This job ain’t doin’ nothing for me,” before adding, “You’re holding up the line with your old-a** Chrysler.”

The video, shared on Reddit by @u/DrunkMindSoberHeart, has attracted a lot of comments with most people appreciating the worker. A user commented under the video, “Customers who do this are too dumb to realize they are the problem...and worse, for only a chance to 'save' a couple cents on money she wouldnta spent without the coupon.” The second user wrote, “You can tell he's not lying about them offering the job when there's no manager running over to pull him away. They are desperate for workers, haha. He's got no problem losing his job here, this video isn't gonna hinder him from getting the exact same job at Jack in the Box. I love it.”

A person noted, “Good man. He doesn't care about the job but he cares about the people that have to wait.” Sharing their work experience, another person said, “I used to work in the hotel, front office. The amount of verbal abuse you get from people who are mad or incorrect is insane. After a year of working there, i didn't give a fuck anymore and the more attitude someone gave me, the shittier i was to them. Free downgrade in the room, free view of the main street, nice and noise and right above the bar.”

“I was the same when I was young, just assumed the ‘adults’ knew best when they were screaming at all of us over a tiny thing. I'm not really old enough to say this, but it's good to see the younger generations stand up for themselves a lot more. The kids are alright,” a comment on Reddit read.

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