Viral video shows 'vaccinated Karen' attacking maskless server in California restaurant

A viral video taken at California's Market Broiler restaurant shows a female customer go on a drunken rampage, attacking workers for not wearing masks

                            Viral video shows 'vaccinated Karen' attacking maskless server in California restaurant
An unidentified drunk woman attacked workers at a restaurant in California (Instagram: @brawlzdeep3.0)

A drunk woman was caught on video attacking restaurant workers for not wearing masks. Now dubbed a 'Karen' for her behavior, the woman was seen screeching and screaming at the restaurant's staff for not wearing masks even though she herself was unmasked. When others pointed this out, she screamed "I'm vaccinated, b***h," demanding the workers show her their vaccination cards.

The incident happened at a California restaurant called Market Broiler, in Huntington Beach. The almost seven-minute-long video of the attack went viral after an Instagram account called @brawlzdeep3.0 shared it on their profile. The video showed the Karen attacking the restaurant supervisor, yelling at her for not wearing a mask. She also pushed her and sprayed her with a cleaning spray. Even after another worker intervened, the Karen continued her attacks. During the drunken episode, she pounced and threw things at the staff.


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Seemingly intoxicated and yelling unintelligible words, the Karen stumbled around the restaurant, attacking whoever tried to stop and calm her down. Some of her attacks included telling one maskless worker, "You don't f***ing deserve your f***ing job." The Karen also asked the worker if she had been vaccinated and yelled that she "has a mandate and a responsibility to have your f***ing mask on".

The video shows the female customer repeatedly demand to see the other woman's vaccine card as she drunkenly huffed and puffed, stomping around the restaurant, pointing at her. She then demanded that the restaurant supervisor wear a mask, and when nobody complied, she picked up a bottle of cleaning spray from the counter and sprayed it on an employee's face. A man intervened to stop the Karen's rampage, but she kept screaming: "I don't need a mask! I'm vaccinated b****!"


Besides staffers, diners at the restaurant also tried to stop the woman. This is when her second round of attacks began – this time directed at a server dressed in white shirt, blue jeans, and a black apron. This server, also maskless, tried to step in and get the Karen to leave, but the woman instead pounced at her and tried to grab her by the collar. The video hears other people gasp and shout in the background as the Karen's attacks continue.

Another female diner, presumably someone from her company who knew her, pleads with her to not create a scene in front of the employees, which agitated the Karen even more. "Let's not be worried about the White people," said the Karen, with a final scream before exiting the restaurant to cheers from the people inside.

The video of the 'Karen attack' went viral with 20,000 views in just two days. Joking in the comments, one user suggested that the Karen had "had too many coronaritas". Another mocked her, saying, "Lady can't handle her Koolaid." One simply asked: "'Did the vaccine make her crazy?" Others quipped: "Whatever drug she’s on I don’t want it."

While the Karen's identity has not been revealed by the police, internet sleuths seem to have identified her. One user tweeted: "The woman who flipped out at Market Broiler in Huntington Beach is believed to be Leslie Genchi." A Huntington Beach community's accounts on Twitter and on Facebook also confirmed that the woman is believed to be Genchi, adding that she is allegedly from Costa Mesa. Both the tweets cited information obtained through a screenshot of a publicly accessible, adult-arrest forum where it says that the woman has been charged with assault and battery, vandalism, and resisting arrest.



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