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Burger King employee shows how outlet ran out of everything, including carbonation, in viral video

The TikTok user, Haley, said in the video that the Burger King outlet had run out of burger wrappers, eggs, onions and mustard among others
“I’m sorry but like, y’all’s manager sucks,” (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images and Screenshot from TikTok/@haley.girouard)
“I’m sorry but like, y’all’s manager sucks,” (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images and Screenshot from TikTok/@haley.girouard)

In a now-viral TikTok video, a Burger King employee revealed that they ran out of every product in their outlet, even carbonation for the beverage dispenser.

On Sunday, October 16, TikToker Haley (@haley.girouard) shared a video in which she recorded her coworkers showing all the ingredients that had run out, including eggs, onions, burger wrappers and mustard among others. "Things Burger King was out of today," the caption said.


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“Don’t ask me how we ran out of carbonation I don’t know either,” her video read. As of Monday, October 17, the video had received over 32,000 views. People have already started slamming the store's management.

“I’m sorry but like, y’all’s manager sucks,” first one said. “Whoever did yalls truck order prolly should not do it again,” another wrote. “Just close the damn restaurant at that point. Whoever handled ordering products needs to lose their job, because that’s some bulls**t,” a third advised. Some people said that ingredients ran out regularly at their Burger King outlets as well.“So my bk isn’t the only one constantly out of basic things,” another user wrote.

People were quick to point out that there were always such problems at Burger King outlets. “My first job was at burger king and we ALWAYS had problems with the foundation drinks,” another said. “BK was lowkey my favorite job but we were always ran out of fries and ranch,” another wrote.

In another comment, Haley says that the store was “also out of fish, large bags, apple and orange juice, large and small chocolate milk, and strawberry jam.”

MEAWW had earlier reported on another viral video where a Burger King worker thanked each and every person who donated to a GoFundMe that his daughter had created. In the video, Kevin Ford took a subtle dig at his employer over the "insignificant" goody bag he recieved after his 27 years of service, which quickly went viral. According to reports, the prizes included a movie ticket, a few keychains, a bag of Reese's, two packs of Lifesavers, a Starbucks cup, a lanyard and two pencils. When his daughter started a fundraising campaign to support her father and said that his health insurance policy helped to get all four of his daughters through high school and college with full healthcare coverage. Many individuals, including actor David Spade, generously contributed to it.

After Ford's video went viral, Burger King told LADbible, “The Burger King brand and its many franchisees nationwide are committed to recognising and celebrating the achievements of the thousands of people serving across a wide range of roles — all dedicated to providing our guests a world-class experience.”