'Vincenzo' Episode 5: TaecYeon's character is the real villain, will face-off Song Joong-ki's mafia lawyer

'Vincenzo' episode 5 will see how TaecYeon as Jang Joon-woo will now go head to head against Vincenzo. He has been outed as the actual Chairman!

                            'Vincenzo' Episode 5: TaecYeon's character is the real villain, will face-off Song Joong-ki's mafia lawyer
A still of Song Joon-ki in 'Vincenzo' (tvN)

We called it right after watching the first two episodes of 'Vincenzo'. 2PM's TaecYeon is the actual villain in the show, the man behind the helmet and the ice hockey uniform. Now, the future of the show will see Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki), TaecYeon's Jang-woo go at it but the only ones who even wonder if Kwak Dong-yeon as Jang Han-seo is the real CEO is Vincenzo and the new lawyer at Wusang Myung-hee (Kim Yeo-jin). 

For now, they are not aware of who they need to face really. In fact, Hong Cha-young worked closely with him and even she is not aware of the truth of his identity. In fact, she continues to believe that he is the dumb intern who knows nothing. The fact that all of it is an act is something that she cannot perceive so it would be interesting to see what she feels when she learns the truth. 


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Then there is the fact that the person who could have killed Cha-young's father is not Jang-woo but Myung-hee. We saw her dance away her worries after a call in which she told someone to take care of "both", and right after, the scientist who had managed to escape and Cha-young's father, the lawyer at Jipuragi Yu-chan, died. 

A still of TaecYeon in 'Vincenzo'. (tvN)

Now, Vincenzo and Cha-young have joined hands not for justice but for personal motive. Vincenzo for the building and Cha-young, to learn the truth about who really killed her father. At the moment, she has doubts about how Wusang could be involved but to confirm it, she would have to continue to work with Vincenzo. In this vein, Jipuragi will end up taking the tone of Vincenzo's methods that are not always above the law. Take for instance how he fooled one of the suspects they had been questioning by shooting the other. 

A still of Song Joong-ki as a ruthless lawyer in 'Vincenzo'. (tvN)

It shows that Jipuragi is not the same it was when Yu-chan was alive. However, Vincenzo will end up becoming the monster that destroys other monsters. This is something that Yu-chan had hoped Vincenzo would be, and it looks like the mafia lawyer will very well be taking up the mantle. We cannot wait to see more of how the two of them will work together in the future. 

'Vincenzo' airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN at 9 pm KST and can be streamed on Netflix.

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