'Vicenczo' Episode 2: Can Song Joong-ki as a mafia lawyer woo his fans again after 'Arthdal Chronicles'?

'Arthdal Chronicles' was a domestic failure in terms of rating, but with 'Vincenzo' Song Joong-ki may just have a successful drama outing as a mafia lawyer

                            'Vicenczo' Episode 2: Can Song Joong-ki as a mafia lawyer woo his fans again after 'Arthdal Chronicles'?
A still of Song Joong-ki in 'Vincenzo' Episode 1 (tvN)

'Vincenzo' has just premiered and with two episodes in, we cannot help but compare Song Joong-ki's 'Arthdal Chronicles' to this show. Sure, the genre and everything else was different, but the actor seems to be more dynamic in 'Vincenzo' which begins in Italy where Vincenzo Cassano (Joong-ki) is a mafia lawyer aka consigliere after he was adopted by Fabio, a mafia boss and left Korea. Now, his boss who is also his father has died and after Vincenzo takes care of his father's last wish he leaves Italy because his brother wants to be the boss and is insecure enough about Vincenzo to send men to kill him. 

Now, he returns to Korea to get his hands on 15 tonnes of gold that he had hidden for a Chinese rich man. He wants to get rich and leave for Malta as soon as possible, however, things do not go as planned. The building that he had bought in a friend's name is soon to be redeveloped, but Vincenzo needs to stop this from happening as the gold is buried right underneath that building. 


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However, one of the biggest conglomerates in the country has its eye on the building and it is trying hard to get its hand on the building. While Vincenzo only wants to have access to the gold, that is not the case for the medical conglomerate Babbel which has already bought all the buildings surrounding the one that Vincenzo bought. So they do what they have always done. Use gangsters to blackmail Mr Cho whose name the building is in to get him to sell the building to them.

Tacyeon will be seen playing the role of Jang Joon-woo in 'Vincenzo'. (tvN)

Just when he promises Vincenzo that he will try and resolve the situation somehow, he meets with an accident that we are sure is the work of the people who had tried so far to buy the building in the first place. So how will Vincenzo deal with this?

Interesting thing is that no one who is in touch with Vincenzo currently is aware that he belongs to an Italian mafia family. The Cassano family is powerful enough to burn an entire vineyard because of a deal gone south with no action taken, but that is not something everyone in South Korea would know. They would not even know the difference between a Cassano and another Italian mafia family name. So what Vincenzo has on his side is the surprise factor.

Jeon Yeo-bin plays the role of Hong Cha-young in 'Vincenzo'. (tvN)

Like how he had the head of the mob hanging by an inch tape with no concern regarding what could happen where the inch tape to give in or if he slipped. He has no qualms about taking life and that we saw in the first episode when he shot a bunch of guys who had broken in to kill him. But now, he needs to be careful of his actions so as not to invite unwanted attention to the gold that has been buried beneath the building.

This race to who will get to keep the building will make the show an interesting watch but if you were expecting something along the lines of a neo-noir thriller, look away. This is more an action-comedy. A lot of comedy. 

'Vincenzo' airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN at 9 pm KST and can be streamed on Netflix.

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