‘Vikings’ Season 6 preview makes us wonder what happened to Floki after he disappeared

As Season 5 ends with Floki discovering a Christian shrine in the middle of a cave in Iceland, it makes us assume that he might be dead. But as the teaser of Season 6 indicates, there is more to Floki’s disappearance than what meets the eye.

                            ‘Vikings’ Season 6 preview makes us wonder what happened to Floki after he disappeared

Floki is one of those characters of the ‘Vikings’ whom you can never completely comprehend. He is jaded and layered, and yet lovable and admirable in his own right. His loyalty to his clan, to Ragnar and his family, and most importantly, to his heritage, makes him a self-assured man. However, this very same attitude also makes him dogmatic. Even as times change and his friends explore new lands and learn to adopt new cultures, Floki has always remained closed to such changes. But it becomes obvious in the course of events that he is conflicted.

Our theory is that, during the invasion of a mosque in Arabia, he saw something that he probably had never experienced before. That is why, probably, after he comes back, he abandons Kattegat and everything that has been tying him down in his homeland, to set out on a pilgrimage to Iceland, to the ‘Land of Gods’. But his journey is more than just self-discovery, wherein he wants to find his one true belief and hold onto it and we see him struggling with his faith.

However, on his journey, he establishes a colony of some immigrants from Kattegat, with the promise of a new land, new home, and new life. But his attempt fails miserably, as a civil war ensues, mostly due to lack of resources and natural calamities that continue to plague the area. These events further torment Floki and he sets out alone, seeking the gods and trying to find solace. Without anything being said, we can clearly see Floki’s disappointment in himself; perhaps his repentance for his savage life, or perhaps he is battling within to hold onto his faith while his mind tells him to open himself up to newer beliefs and accept the changes that he is going through. He finally lands in an abandoned cave, hoping for answers, only to find the answer from a faith he has been vehemently opposing.

A volcanic eruption sees him go under the rubble making us believe that he would be dead. But then, the trailer of Season 6 shows us a glimpse of the savage-turned-pilgrim of a man, rising from the ashes (quite literally), but no one knows where he is or what he is up to. While we see snippets of Ubbe and Torvi on a hunt for Floki in the final season, we cannot be sure if their search will lead to the answers they are looking for. Is he alive or is it his soul refusing to leave his people and his land? Will he be back to save his tribe from the upheaval that would soon sweep Kattegat?

Stay tuned as Floki’s mysterious disappearance takes you on a journey of discovery, faith, belief, and patriotism, through the eyes of Ubbe and Torvi. Watch ‘Vikings’ Season 6 premiering on December 4, 2019, at 9 pm ET, on the History Channel.

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