'Vikings' Season 6: 5 plotlines we hope will happen in the series finale, from Lagertha's retirement to Ivar's transformation

The epic saga of the brutal warriors will premiere its final season this December and the trailer promises the unexpected fate of its lead characters. As we near the end of an era, we draw up our expectations and hold our hopes with the show’s finest

                            'Vikings' Season 6: 5 plotlines we hope will happen in the series finale, from Lagertha's retirement to Ivar's transformation

The time is near for the legendary Vikings to take us on their exploits, as they raid the world, discover new battlegrounds, and wreck more havoc. With fans, critics, and followers laying down all kinds of predictions, theories, and expectations, we join the club and present our own.

We weighed all the previous events, journeys of every character and realized that the final season holds a lot of promises for the audience. With the final season about to premiere, we lay down our expectations from the historical epic. Here’s what the cards hold for our favorite characters:

1. Lagertha's fate

Lagertha played by Kathryn Winnick (IMDb)

The shield maiden, Viking chieftain, ex-wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, mother of Bjorn Ironside, and former queen of Kattegat, Lagertha wears many hats and has become the most invincible woman of her clan. With her bold demeanor and fighting spirit, she has remained the epitome of strength but also has a heart. In the last season, we saw her wanting to retire from the fights and resorting to a peaceful life. But as life would have it, Lagertha cannot be in the shadows for long and we can see her back to the battleground fighting for her land and family. After escaping death for a year, perhaps this would mark the end of her legacy. After all, the Seer had prophesied it.

2. Bjorn Ironside's end

Alexander Ludwig stars in History Channel's 'Vikings' as Bjorn Ironside, son of Vikings legend, Ragnar Lothbrok. The series will air its sequel on Netflix after its final season (IMDb)

Son of Ragnar and Lagertha, Bjorn Ironside is now the king of Kattegat. He has made a mark with his exploits, reaching new lands like Arabia and Frankia, which many of his predecessors, including his father didn't have a chance to do. Now, as Bjorn takes the throne and carries on Ragnar's legacy, it is highly possible that power and success will get to him and blindside him to become someone he is not. Meanwhile, Ivar is preparing to seek revenge and attack Kattegat to take back his throne and land from Bjorn.

3. Ragnar's return

Travis Fimmel features as Viking legend, Ragnar Lothbrok, in History Channel's 'Vikings' (Season 1-4), premiering Season 6 this December (IMDb)


As the lead character of the story, it has been quite difficult for viewers to carry on for two seasons without Ragnar's presence. He has set the precedence for the future of Kattegat, established a kingdom and path for his people, on which his son, Bjorn is trying to walk, albeit with improvisations. But as we have seen, anything is possible with the Vikings. Although it is nearly impossible to imagine that he could be back from the dead, it would be a shock-and-awe experience if he comes back for a significant moment.

4. Rollo's true intentions

Clive Standen stars as Rollo, brother of Ragnar Lothbrok, in History Channel's 'Vikings' premiering Season 6 this December. (IMDb)

Of all the relationships in the story, that of Rollo and Lagertha has always remained mysterious. We have seen enough tension between the two initially but Rollo let go of his emotions for his brother’s wife, years ago. After a successful and comfortable life as the king of Frankia, being married to the princess and being a ruler of a foreign land, Rollo has become a changed person. But comfort is alien to a Viking's nature. He follows Lagertha and Bjorn as they escape Kattegat, only to find them gone. Perhaps the disappointments of his life in Frankia will bring him back to his roots, particularly to Lagertha, a woman he had loved and could never actually let go from his heart. But when he comes back, will it be just for Lagertha or to settle old scores, or to join Bjorn in his battles, is what we are yet to see.

5. Ivar's transformation

Ivar the Boneless in The New God (IMDb)

The savage, brutal, wild, and evil genius, Ivar the Boneless is a true legend, as historical anecdotes go. As far as our story is concerned, Ivar portrays the same traits. In Season 5, he escapes Kattegat to save his life and we don’t know where he lands. In the trailer of Season 6, we see glimpses of his new life and a new alliance with King Oleg, who would make him his biggest ally and go on a defeating spree. But if we know him well by now, Ivar is never loyal to anyone or any place. All he cares about is his position and hunger for power and position, even if it means instilling fear in people. After his earlier failures, this time, he will probably mature and think smarter, better, and become the most legendary Viking of all times.

Watch the fate of the characters unfold on 'Vikings' Season 6 as it airs a two-hour special premiere on December 4 at 9 pm ET only on the History channel.

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