‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 9: Artist Danheim’s music has fans asking for more Norwegian folk melodies

‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 9: Artist Danheim’s music has fans asking for more Norwegian folk melodies
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History Channel’s ‘Vikings’ is not just about extraordinary art direction and brilliant storytelling, but also its spectacular music. The show exposes us to traditional Nordic music, brought to the show by some of the remarkable music groups of Scandinavia. In the earlier seasons, we have seen some of the popular Norwegian bands like ‘Skald’ and ‘Wardruna’, lending their compositions to the show for background scores, ambient music, and more. These projects are not only renowned in Norway but have expanded their fan base beyond the Scandinavian borders.

Particularly in Episode ‘Resurrection’, another well-known music project called ‘Danheim’ was featured and found its way into the hearts of fans. Their war music used in the background of raids and battles between the Rus and the Vikings is powerful and creates an impact that music fans want to hold onto, forever. But then, great music fetches a craving for more such musical experiences, and our ‘Vikings’ fans are no exception.

When Georgia Hirst, one of the lead actors of the team, who plays Torvi (Ubbe’s wife and Bjorn’s ex-wife), released a video on her social media talking about her latest love for Danheim’s music and how it was used in episode 9, fans were all excited and reacted on how they wanted to see more such original Norwegian projects.

For the uninitiated, Danheim is a music project spearheaded by producer Mike Olsen and their compositions have been a major part of ‘Vikings’ background score. Now, their latest tracks have been used in Season 6, especially in the latest episode.

Hirst also mentioned that Danheim would be featured in the upcoming episodes 10 and 13, and the tracks could be something to look forward to.

Responding to this, a fan said, “Oh I can’t wait for their music in these next two episodes to come. The music is up there with Wardruna for me.”

Another fan predicts how and where might the creators use ‘Danheim’s music in the upcoming episodes. He says, “I have a feeling that I know which scenes they will be used. Either in a celebration with Bjorn or a ritual in Iceland with Ubbe.”

If you wish to listen to the entire album of Danheim, you can catch all their tracks from their official YouTube channel and identify the ones used in ‘Vikings’ Season 6.




One more user goes back to referring to an earlier music project and says, “I am excited for this! All they need now is Skald”

For those who don’t remember, Skald’s ‘Run’ was used in one of the earlier seasons as background music for Floki’s storyline.  

If you have missed catching the song, here’s a chance to revisit the Nordic band and their hit track ‘Run’ (pronounced as Rune).


The impact of the old Nordic tales would never have been the same without such incredible theme music and the most authentic compositions by these music bands.

Discover more Nordic music on ‘Vikings’ Season 6, when it airs Wednesdays, at 10 pm/9c, only on History Channel.


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