‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 7: Kattegat bids goodbye to their queen but fans are not ready to let Lagertha go

‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 7: Kattegat bids goodbye to their queen but fans are not ready to let Lagertha go
Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha (History/YouTube screenshot)

Finally the inevitable happened. As per the prophecy of the seer, Lagertha got mercilessly killed by Hvitserk. Whether or not it was intentional or in his demented state, is immaterial. The fact still remains that Lagertha is gone; from the story, from the show, and from the lives of all the people in Kattegat, who looked up to her.

When they discover her body, Torvi breaks down. So does Ubbe, despite the fact that she killed his mother, Aslaug. They then plan a goodbye for their former queen, which is nothing short of a spectacle. Bjorn returns from Vestfold after the election turns into mayhem, only to join his mother’s funeral.

As he and his kingdom bids adieu to Lagertha with a heavy heart, fans have refused to accept this loss and don’t seem ready to let go of her yet.


One fan commented, “Tonight we bid farewell to the Queen of Kattegat, the mother of Norway. You are now reunited with your one true love Ragnar in Valhalla. I’m not ready for more feels. #TheIceMaiden #HistoryVikings #Vikings #Skol #FinalSeason”

Another fan seems to be in complete denial of the fact that Lagertha is gone never to return. He says, “Man wtf I'm not ready for this funeral slim #vikingsseason6  #Vikings6”

More viewers agree and say, “Still not ready for this #Vikings6 #Vikings”.

While many are mourning the loss, some fans are questioning why another shield maiden should sacrifice herself to accompany Lagertha to heaven. They said, “Why does another have to go to Valhalla with Lagertha?? #Vikings6”


Truth be told, even we are not ready to let go of the one woman who remains a benchmark of strength, valor, compassion, love, leadership, and everything you want to see in a queen, blended into a wholesome package. Even when the seer declared his prophecy, we were hoping that things would somehow turn around and make it untrue, because anything can happen on ‘Vikings’. But alas!

'Vikings' Season 6 airs every Wednesday, 10pm/9c, only on History channel. 


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