'Vikings' season 5 episode 13: Bjorn meets an unlikely ally [Exclusive]

The episode offers a reunion of sorts between two alleged brothers, as viewers get a glimpse of Magnus, the alleged son of Ragnar and Queen Kwenthrith

                            'Vikings' season 5 episode 13: Bjorn meets an unlikely ally [Exclusive]

The upcoming episode of 'Vikings' is titled 'A New God,' and that's not the only introduction to the show. More of a reunion of sorts between two alleged brothers, the episode offers viewers a glimpse of Magnus, the alleged son of Ragnar and Queen Kwenthrith. The History Channel show portrayed Magnus' backstory - specifically his past - to be quite a sad one, with him being asked to abandon his family and flee as a young boy. Magnus could be an ally to Bjorn.

Season 5 episode 13 of 'Vikings' finally allows Magnus' (Dean Ridge) re-entry into the spheres of whatever notion of family he has left - and that is his half-brother, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig). In an official sneak peek, Magnus can be seen approaching Bjorn by saying, "We have much in common."

It piques Bjorn's interest, of course, and he ends up asking Magnus how so, to which Magnus responds by dropping the truth bomb. "We share the same father," he reveals. To convince his elder half-brother, Magnus sits down explaining how he came to be related to him in the first place. "My name is Magnus," he announced, explaining "I'm Ragnar's son by Queen Kwenthrith." 

Revealing his childhood, he shares he grew up in the Royal Estate but once Ragnar was imprisoned there, the young Magnus was expelled from the area. He was thrown to the wolves by those against him. Bjorn's expression remains that of stoic smugness before he breaks into a faint smile and shares, they as a family had always known Ragnar had fathered a son in Wessex, and it is then that Magnus reveals he is that very son of their father.

He says the people at the estate don't know he survived and neither can they recognize who he really is. He closes off his story saying: "I heard you (Bjorn) were here... my half brothers. I had to see you." It's a little bit sketchy, but also chuckle-worthy, the difference between the two half-brothers' reactions.

Bjorn remains calm and collected, barely uttering a word or shedding any insight, while Magnus blurts his words out, proclaiming how Bjorn has no idea just how happy being reunited with his half-brother makes him feel, "after all these years of being lost." But it is right then that there's finally some physical movement from Bjorn's side; he leans in towards Magnus, grabs the latter by the shoulder, and says: "Well, my brother, few are found." 

The two engage in a brotherly headlock after that and all seems well between the reunited men but knowing 'Vikings' there could be a well-crafted twist to watch out for!