‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 3 fans feel sorry for Hvitserk as he becomes mentally unstable

‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 3 fans feel sorry for Hvitserk as he becomes mentally unstable

Ever since the battle of Kattegat against Ivar in Season 5, Hvitserk has been on a different tangent than his brothers. He has resorted to alcohol, hallucinogens and having visions of the dead, of Ivar, and things that are tormenting him deep inside.

@joshuaespenceTweets, “Poor Hvitserk. PTSD from fighting, be in ng tormented by Ivar, and now all this drinking. I hope his story doesnt continue this downward spiral. #HistoryVikings #Vikings”

Until the war, he was very much involved in running the show with his brothers, Bjorn and Ubbe. But something changed when he went to visit King Olaf for alliance to fight Ivar. In fact, if you try to go back a few episodes in Season 5, you will recall how Hvitserk met a Chinese monk and learned about Buddha. We had guessed, it would be a turning point for him. He would probably find some peace and clarity. But to no avail.

Before understanding what’s happening with Hvitserk, we must also know what kind of a person he is. Hvistserk has always been more confused and emotionally weaker than his brothers. For a long time, he was close to his younger brother Ivar, but when he realized Ivar’s intentions, he stopped supporting him. Perhaps this had a setback somewhere in the back of his mind. Then, there’s also the death of Thora, the woman he loved. So, as a collective effect of every disturbing event in his life, he is most likely heading towards a point of no return. And this is equally disturbing the fans. They feel sorry and think that it is unfair for Hvitserk to have to go through such trauma.


As Reddit fan, DoY0uKnowWh0Iam says, “Poor Hvitserk..Is terrible to think that you beloved person died a horrifying death ..PTSD of this kind is the worse.”

Another fan, Yazzy1233 adds, "God, it hurts to see him like that. And that line killed me just someone to love. Damn.”

@cloneposter said, "Hvitserk needs an intervention #[email protected]". But who will intervene and how? 

Will Hvitserk be able to get a grip on himself and his life and resume being a Viking all over again? Or will we lose him to his fate and his mental conditions? Guess, we will have to figure out soon, or when Ubbe decides to send him on a trading voyage.

‘Vikings’ Season 6 airs every Wednesday at 9 pm on History Channel.


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