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Hurricane Ian: Video shows flooded graves in Orlando cemetery as caskets and bodies are washed away

Family members who came to the cemetery to help clean up the area found caskets and bodies of loved ones afloat
Residents were in tears after finding shattered caskets and exposed corpses
Residents were in tears after finding shattered caskets and exposed corpses (Fox35)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: The Oakland Cemetery in Orlando, Florida, has been so badly damaged by floodwaters and fallen trees after the devastating Hurricane Ian hit that the bodies of the deceased are being uncovered and drifting away from their graves, as per Fox 35 news

Members of the family have been making their way to the location in order to provide a hand with the cleanup efforts, only to be confronted with the horrible sight of shattered caskets and remains that have been uncovered. Unsettling, of course, for the family that has come to check on the well-being of their departed loved ones after they have passed away. After seeing the damage and participating in the cleanup efforts, the citizens of Orlando broke down in tears. 


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Some even believed that their loved ones had been entirely swept away, but all of the corpses have been located and are now being returned to their last resting place. A local man gave an interview to Fox 35 and stated that his grandmother had been laid to rest in the cemetery just one week before it was destroyed. "Last Tuesday my grandmother was buried...Saturday we were supposed to have a funeral for my uncle, Anthony Hamilton, but of course, it's flooded right now so, I don't see it happening right now," he said.

"Right now, it's a's kind of hard to really believe because I mean I was born and raised here in Oakland and you know, unfortunately, this is happening," the resident noted of the situation.

Even while Orlando and the Oakland Cemetery took a significant amount of damage from Hurricane Ian, a great number of other areas have also been left in ruins. The hurricane has been responsible for the deaths of a total of 13 individuals in the state of Florida, and it has also knocked out electricity to nearly 2.5 million citizens. Not to mention the fact that the hurricane made landfall in Cuba before it made landfall in the United States. Hurricane Ian brought winds of 125 miles per hour to the United States, leaving 11 million people without electricity and producing a practically countrywide blackout. In several regions, the hurricane also caused catastrophic flooding. It is impossible to fathom the amount of property destruction that has been wrought upon coastal districts of Florida.