Video shows monkey slapping model, won’t let go of her top as it tries to pull it down

Video shows monkey slapping model, won’t let go of her top as it tries to pull it down
Paula Manzanal was vacationing at a sanctuary when a monkey tried to expose her breasts (paulamanzz/TikTok)

BALI, INDONESIA: In a cheeky act, a monkey was caught on camera while trying to strip down a model’s strapless top-wear. The bizarre incident took place in Bali, Indonesia, when Paula Manzanal, 28, was caught defending her modesty in public. Though the monkey tried everything he could, failed and in frustration even slapped the Peruvian model. Manzanal was trying to pose next to the monkey at the Ubud Monkey Forest, but the triggered primate tried to pull down her black strapless top.

In the video, Manzanal is seen looking down at the monkey, reportedly a long-tailed macaque, that was sitting on a fence. Moments later she's seen trying to get rid of its hands off her breasts. The clip was posted by Manzanal on her social media account, and she captioned it, “I just didn't want it to touch me.” A few fans reactions also came on the video, as one said, “He definitely knew what he was doing.” The other said, “Hahaha, I didn't want to laugh but it did make me laugh. The good thing is that it didn't bite you, greetings from Iquitos,” according to the Mirror


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The model now lives in Barcelona, with her 4-year-old son, Valentino with ex-husband Jordan Davies. The pair called it quits in 2018, before their son was born, and hit out her ex via a Instagram post back then, “I asked God to send me a man who will always love me. He gave me a son.”

The monkey trying to expose her breasts had been shared on her TikTok account, with 2.1 million followers. It is pretty usual for monkeys to get close to visitors in the Ubud Monkey Forest, with many incidents of them stealing valuable items and other kinds of stuff like food from visitors. It is estimated that around 600 of the macaques live in the forest sanctuary, where they can be spotted from the tall nutmeg trees and leaping about the popular Pura Bukit Sari Temple, reported the Daily Mail.

These monkeys who are considered sacred by locals mostly stay busy throughout the day, by engaging with visitors, stealing stuff like sunglasses, and water bottles, jumping on their shoulders, and sometimes pulling off their clothes. These monkeys can be easily tamed to sit on a shoulder or lap for a few nuts.

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