Who is Victoria Toth? Florida mom pleads guilty to child neglect after toddler was 'sucker-punched' to death

Toth and her boyfriend allegedly tortured her two-year-old son so hard, that he died two days later after being found unresponsive by cops. She then claimed she spoke to her dead son

                            Who is Victoria Toth? Florida mom pleads guilty to child neglect after toddler was 'sucker-punched' to death
Victoria Toth is facing up to 15 years in prison (Police Handout)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: A Florida mother is facing up to 15 years in prison after she admitted to torturing her two-year-old toddler so bad that his intestines burst before the child died just two days later. Investigators believe that the woman, Victoria Toth, allegedly sucker-punched her son with her boyfriend, Jonathan Pursglove, leading to the death of the little boy. They are now charged with aggravated manslaughter in Orlando.

Victoria Toth, 26, and her boyfriend, Jonathan Pursglove, 27, tortured her two-year-old son Jayce Martin leading to his death in July 2018. In the latest updates, Toth has pled guilty to the lesser charge of aggravated child neglect, while her boyfriend Pursglove did not, reported the Daily Mail.


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This comes after police were called to Toth's residence on July 18, 2018, and they found the little boy unresponsive. Toth had told them he had been throwing up and was 'dehydrating', but the child was also covered in bruises, surrounded by a pool of vomit and bile when cops reached the home. As Martin got sicker, the couple allegedly gave him water and put him to bed. "We were Googling (Jayce's symptoms), all his symptoms," she told police. "It was dehydration, and that's what we thought."


Is Pursglove responsible?

According to Toth, her boyfriend Pursglove would watch her son while she went to work. But in the past few days prior to the cops being called, Martin had also been lethargic she said. Investigators in the case believe Martin's torture began after the couple allegedly started punching him, without getting him any medical help even though he suffered from internal injuries.

A medical examiner was the one to allege Martin's injuries were a result of a sucker punch. And while they did not point out who could have given the fatal blow, they did point out Pursglove's history of domestic violence.

Jonathan Pursglove, 27, is set for a plea hearing soon (Police handout)

Toth 'contacted her son's ghost'

In a bizarre turn of events, Toth admitted in one of her interviews that she contacted the ghost of her dead son to ask if it was Pursglove who had killed him. "Jayce even told me that it’s not true," she said. "Jayce is telling me that he’s pissed off at my parents and I can’t do anything to help, to make them open their eyes." Toth claimed she had contacted a psychic to speak with her dead son. "I talk to Jayce and he tells me that this is something that we are supposed to go through," Toth said. "Hearing Jayce tell me that we’re going to get through it gives me something to hold onto."

Pursglove's statement

The 27-year-old boyfriend of Toth told authorities that Martin had seemed sick days before his death. "I thought he might have been dehydrated because it's been so hot. Yeah," Pursglove told investigators. "We went to that park and I just remember that he didn't want to play." He added: "You know, he didn't want to do anything. He didn't want to play." Pursglove's plea hearing is set for March 3.

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