Florida mom who beat her 2-year-old son to death says his ghost visits her and gives her 'something to hold onto'

Florida mom who beat her 2-year-old son to death says his ghost visits her and gives her 'something to hold onto'
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A Florida mom who was charged with beating her two-year-old toddler so badly that he died has now revealed that his ghost comes to visit her and gives her strength. Victoria Toth and Johnathan Pursglove were charged with aggravated assault and while he is in prison, she was released on bail. The two were charged with killing Jayce Martin, who is said to have suffered "blunt force trauma to the abdomen", according to a WFTV report. 

Additionally, when the incident occurred in July last year, police investigation also revealed that the couple did not take the child to the hospital or seek medical help fearing that Pursglove would get arrested. His history of arrest reportedly involves shooting people while he was part of a drug deal in 2011 and he was previously been accused of domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend. An arrest report also said that the child was found malnourished and bruised. The parents had reportedly Googled the child' symptoms and thought that he was dehydrated. They gave him water and put him to bed. "We were Googling (Jayce's symptoms), all his symptoms," she told police. "It was dehydration, and that's what we thought."

The couple was not meant to interact with each other but they clearly have been. In fact, according to the WFTV report, Toth also visited him at the Orange Country jail but because of a clerical error, the visit was overlooked.  "I talk to Jayce and he tells me that this is something that we are supposed to go through," said Toth on the phone. "Hearing Jayce tell me that we're going to get through it gives me something to hold onto."

According to jailhouse records, Pursglove's mother was also worried that his car may get impounded. "He goes and sits down at his desk, looks something up on the computer, probably at what your charges were or some kind of crap and goes 'we can't do anything,'" his mom said before the conversation steered to the dead child.

This isn't the first time Toth has claimed to be visited by Jayce's ghost. She had earlier claimed that the murdered child's ghost had also visited her and that he was playing with light switches. "He has visited us. We know that he's visited us. We've seen the cardinals in the back yard. He's played, played with the light switches here. And, I think it was last weekend," Toth said. 


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