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'Vanderpump Rules' Finale: Ariana confronts Jax for talking behind her back, fans say he should listen to her

Ariana calmly shut down Jax and walked away from him during the finale of 'Vanderpump Rules', and fans are here for it
Ariana Madix and Jax Taylor (Getty Images)
Ariana Madix and Jax Taylor (Getty Images)

Jax Taylor has been nothing but awful to his 'Vanderpump Rules' co-star Ariana Madix. Right from calling her 'miserable Ariana', to slamming her relationship with Tom Sandoval, he has done it all. He made snide comments about her house not having any furniture, about her sexuality, amongst many other things. Despite being aware of all the smack Jax was talking behind her back, Ariana kept quiet and watched him slander her.

We finally saw her call him out on his unwarranted behavior during the finale of 'Vanderpump Rules'. She pulled Jax aside during the annual photoshoot and sat him down and calmly asked him why he is so bothered by her. She brought up all the names he called her, his comments about her house and her relationship with Sandoval and outright asked him on what grounds he was making such comments.

Jax tried defending himself by saying that people have been going up to him and asking him about Sandoval's and her relationship and he shared his observations with them. Ariana, however, wasn't very convinced with Jax's explanation and shut him down by demanding him not to talk about her anymore without having complete knowledge of the situation. Jax just rolled his eyes, while she walked away after saying everything she had to. In her green room interview, she explained that what Jax is doing aren't mistakes, but a pattern of behavior and pointed personal choices. 

Fans were impressed with the way Ariana handled the situation with Jax and cheered for her as she dragged Jax. A fan tweeted, "Ariana just killed it with that convo to Jax. WERK IT GIRL. He's literally THE worst person. #pumprules."  Another fan wrote, "HAHA YAAASSS ARIANA with calling out JAX! So articulate, cool, calm and collected. Take note, ladies. That’s how you do it. #choicesnotmistakes #ThankyouGoodbye #PumpRules."

"Ariana confronting Jax was probably my favorite moment from this episode. His face.. about time someone shut him the f**k up. #PumpRules," expressed an impressed fan. "Good for Ariana to confront Jax! He’s the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. Grow up dude; if someone is explaining to you why you’re wrong...LISTEN TO THEM! #PumpRules #VanderpumpRules," pointed out a fan.