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'Vanderpump Rules': Jax bashed for saying Ariana's faking depression, disgusted fans call him 'selfish jack***'

Fans said Jax Taylor disgusted them after he made light of mental health issues on the latest episode
Jax Taylor (Getty Images)
Jax Taylor (Getty Images)

Controversy's favorite child, Jax Taylor, managed to land himself in hot water yet again. This time he pushed the buttons too far when he decided to make fun of mental health issues.

On the latest episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', we see the SUR bartender being very dismissive of his fellow cast member Ariana Madix's depression. In a conversation with Scheana Shay, he casually disses Tom Sandoval and Ariana's relationship saying they are not compatible together and that their relationship is a facade. He then adds that he doesn't know 'miserable Ariana' that well. At this point Scheana stops him and makes it clear that Ariana isn't miserable, and that she is suffering from depression, explaining that it's a chemical imbalance in her brain.

This is when our antagonist Jax comes to life and immediately spews his venom by saying that Ariana feigns depression whenever she is in a sticky situation or wants to get out of one. Over the years, we have gotten used to watching Jax get away with his terrible attitude and behavior, but to pick on someone suffering from mental health issues might just be the last straw for the controversial reality star. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there.

Later in the episode, he begins rage texting his other fellow cast member Max Boyens, some very nasty and toxic texts calling him out for arranging a beach clean up event. He calls the whole thing 'dumb' and constantly mocks Max's idea. When Max keeps quiet and doesn't retaliate, Jax's efforts to start a fight with Max fails. So, Jax eventually apologizes to Max. But his apology too is backhanded, making it very obvious that he doesn't mean it.

While Max is with Sandoval, Jax goes to Max and apologizes for his texts and claims that he is having some mental health issues. Jax reveals that he has intense bouts of anger, where he just lashes out at everybody. In his confessional, Sandoval agrees that there are many things wrong with Jax and adds that this might be another one of his attention-seeking tactics because he isn't the center of attention anymore. 

Fans were extremely annoyed with Jax for picking on Ariana and her battle with depression.

A fan tweeted, "Ouch Jax... that was insensitive. Depression sucks a** and if you don’t understand it and can’t be empathetic to Ariana’s struggles, then you should really just hush BOYYY! #vanderpumprules #PumpRules." Another fan wrote, "OMG. Jax is disgusting. How can he be talking about Ariana like this? The same person who throws losing his father into every conversation? The same father he said he was close to and spoke to everyday but didn’t know was in the ICU? Love Scheana defending Ariana. #PumpRules."

"Jax's comment about Ariana’s depression just f***ing disgusted me! I am disgusted! #pumprules," expressed a fan. Another fan shared, "Jax Taylor spewing out relationship advice, judging people’s depression & his general hypocrisy for 8 years is no longer cute. #PumpRules," pointed out a fan.

Another fan commented, "Jax is an a****le, Ariana has depression and she's being (honest) about her condition. How about you admit to being an egotistical, selfish jack***. #PumpRules."

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