‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax says Ariana needs to 'figure out her sexuality', fans call him 'homophobic'

Several fans called him out for even having the 'nerve' to question Ariana’s sexuality

                            ‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax says Ariana needs to 'figure out her sexuality', fans call him 'homophobic'
Jax Taylor and Ariana Madix (Getty Images)

Jax Taylor does it again! Just when you thought you couldn’t hate him anymore, the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star opens his mouth to make yet another ignorant statement making you hate him more than you already do. After being confronted by Tom Sandoval for his decision to hire a homophobic pastor to officiate his wedding, Jax isn’t feeling too chummy about Sandoval and is beginning to question if his best friend of 20 years should even be present at their wedding.
Misery loves company, so Jax invites his co-star, Lala Kent, and her fiance, Randall Emmett, for dinner with him and his soon-to-be-wife Brittany Cartwright. The dinner soon turns into a “let’s trash talk about Sandoval” time. Jax heads the conversation by not just talking smack about his best friend, but also his girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

Ariana recently came out as bisexual, while all her co-stars have been extremely happy and supportive of her sexuality, we can’t say the same for Jax. At the dinner, he makes a scathing statement about Ariana, saying she needs to “figure out her sexuality.”
Fans were appalled on hearing Jax make such an ignorant statement about Ariana’s sexuality, and called him out for being “homophobic”. A fan tweeted, “Oh yes Jax, please tell us again how you’re not homophobic as you question Ariana’s bisexuality and say she needs to figure out what she’s into #PumpRules.”

Another fan declared, “Jax Taylor is a homophobic t**t!! #PumpRules.”
Several fans called him out for even having the “nerve” to question Ariana’s sexuality. A fan wrote, “How is nose job jax gonna talk about peoples sexuality when he dosent even know what nose he wants?? The confused calling someone else confused!!! Ironic isnt it!!! #PumpRules.”

Another fan commented, “Jax saying Ariana needs to pick a sexuality??? In 2020? Pretending that’s his business? #PumpRules.”

“Woah...okay see, @mrjaxtaylor that Ariana comment is so not necessary. She can be any sexuality she chooses to be. Hows your wife doing! Is she still tasting other girls’ cum in your mouth? Have you stopped cheating, or just merely took a pause? #PumpRules,” asked an annoyed fan.
Another fan shared, “Jax really has some goddamn nerve. And to then be questioning Ariana's sexuality? F**k him. #pumprules.” “So Jax is definitely acting like the pastor. The way he questioned Ariana’s sexuality. #PumpRules,” expressed a fan.

Another pointed out, "Does Jax just fundamentally not understand what 'bisexual' means? His comments about Ariana's sexual orientation continue to be bigoted, disrespectful and just plain wrong. #PumpRules.”
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