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The Multiverse of Madness: Man spots his doppelganger while 'randomly swimming past him' in Vegas pool

Sean Douglas McArdle was left shocked when he bumped into a complete stranger who looked like his exact mirror image
Sean was shocked to find his doppelganger in Las Vegas (Sean Douglas McArdle/Reddit)
Sean was shocked to find his doppelganger in Las Vegas (Sean Douglas McArdle/Reddit)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Scientists say that statistically, every person has roughly six doppelgangers in the world. Perhaps proving this true, a man spotted his doppelgänger in a swimming pool while on holiday in Las Vegas.

Sean Douglas McArdle was enjoying his vacation while taking a dip in a swimming pool in Nevada City when he was left shocked after bumping into a complete stranger who looked like his exact mirror image.


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The incident happened when Sean and one of his friends noticed a “big group of strangers were pointing [and] laughing.” They immediately looked around and spotted Sean’s doppelganger. Not only did the pair look alike but even donned the same eyeglasses, caps, and shirtless attire. Admitting he “got really self-conscious,” Sean took a picture with his identical stranger and later shared it on his Reddit.

“I wasn’t convinced until now… we are definitely in a simulation,” McArdle wrote while sharing the hilarious picture which has been going viral on the internet and has garnered more than 95,000 likes. “Today I randomly swam past my doppelseäner at the Flamingo pool in Vegas,” Sean wrote about finding his look-alike.


“I immediately thought: ‘Holy s – – t that guy looks like the dude I see in the mirror,’” he said. “And my second thought was: ‘He looks cooler than me. Probably has real Club Master Ray Bans, unlike my Zenni knock-offs.’“

The unreal picture blew Reddit users’ minds and made them flood Sean’s comment section with hilarious and sarcastic responses. “You two should get a DNA test. One of your parents has some ‘splainin to do,” one user speculated. “Is there a lab somewhere growing Seth Rogens??” joked another about their resemblance to the '40-Year-Old Virgin' actor.

Others were convinced he was living in a computer game reality, with one saying, "Maybe the player is using console commands to take control of you and steal your valuable items, or make you do embarrassing stuff. Have you ever done something that you felt you had no control over? That's the player."

However, it turned out Sean and his doppelganger didn’t share all identical characteristics. When a user asked if the two sound the same, McArdle said, “His voice sounded like a recording, nothing at all like mine.”