'Until Life Do Us Part': 5 things to know about Netflix's Portuguese family drama

'Until Life Do Us Part': 5 things to know about Netflix's Portuguese family drama
Rita Loureiro as Vanessa, Dinarte Branco as Daniel, Diogo Martins as Marco, Madalena Almeida as Rita, Joao Tordo in 'Until Life Do Us Part' (Instagram - @rita___loureiro)

Netflix's upcoming Portuguese series, 'Until Life Do Us Part', is a family-filled, feel-good series. The 8 episode series is directed by Manuel Pureza. 

The series has three generations of a Portuguese family living under one roof. Between juggling the generation gap, clashing ideologies and managing the family business, the Paixão family is sure to keep you entertained.



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When does 'Until Life Do Us Part' release and where can you watch it?

'Until Life Do Us Part' releases on February 10, 2022, on Netflix. 

What is 'Until Life Do Us Apart' all about?

The official synopsis reads: "The family Paixão runs a farm for wedding parties, but the business is not going well. While the love between the parents, Vanessa and Daniel appears to have ended, the grandparents, Luisa and Joaquim, seem inseparable; and the children, Rita and Marco, have completely distinct opinions about love".


Who stars in the Netflix series?

Rita Loureiro as Vanessa

Born and raised in Portugal, Rita is a Portuguese actress. She is known well for her work on 'Quinze Pontos na Alma', 'Al Berto' and 'Single and Ready to Mingle'.

On television in the series, 'Ana e os Sete', her role as Mafalda is what put her on the map, mostly among the younger generation. 

Rita's net worth has seen a significant rise as of the past 2 years. Almost all of her income comes from establishing herself as a successful actress, even at the age of 52! As of 2021, her net worth is somewhere between $1 to $5 million. 



The rest of the cast includes Dinarte Branco as Daniel, Madalena Almeida as Rita, Diogo Martins as Marco, Henriqueta Maia as Luísa, José Peixoto as Joaquim, Teresa Tavares as Natália, Rita Poças as Vanessa 20's, Luís Lobão as Daniel 20's, José Mata as Vasco 20's, Albano Jerónimo as Vasco, Lourenço Ortigãoas Jorge, José Condessa as Joaquim 20's, José Netoas Tó Carrapato, Nuno Nunesas Dário, Pedro Hossi as Armando, Carolina Picoito Pinto as Vanda, and Leonor Biscaia as Eva.



The director of the series is Manuel Pureza, with the writers being Hugo Gonçalves, Tiago Santos, and João Tordo.


We're yet to see a trailer for the series but stay tuned for more updates.

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