'Until Life Do Us Part' Ending Explained: Brilliantly curated emotional rollercoaster

'Until Life Do Us Part' Ending Explained: Brilliantly curated emotional rollercoaster
Diogo Martins as Marco and Madalena Almeida as Rita in 'Until Life Do Us Part' (Instagram - @di0g0martins)

If you're one to have a soft spot for tearjerkers, brace yourselves for 'Until Life Do Us Part'. This series really hits it home, in more ways than one.

Just when you think the family of seven is falling apart, the Paixo family exceeds all expectations hustling through high tides and coming out stronger than ever as one unit. The series stars grandpa Joaquim (Jose Peixoto), grandma Luísa (Henriqueta Maia), their daughters Vanessa (Rita Loureiro) and Natália (Teresa Tavares). Daniel (Dinarte Branco) plays Vanessa's husband, with children Rita (Madalena Almeida) and Marco (Diogo Martins). 


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Every family has its ups and downs, and although some like to drown in self-pity, others try to fix the problems at hand. When all things in life pass and have an expiration date, family is the only thing we're left with. 

The last leg of the series is truly overwhelming, so stock up on tissues and your favorite foods. 


One lovely family dinner is followed by several rounds of drinks and card games by the men of the house. It's heartwarming to see the beautiful bond between these three different generations - all bound by love. 

Little does the Paixo family know that this would be grandpa Joaquim's last drink. 

The funeral scenes are definitely the hardest to sit through. You can literally see the pain in grandma Luísa's eyes; she lost her beloved after being married to him for 50 years! 


They say nothing can stop a love that's innately powerful. As heartbreaking as it was, Luisa pours a drink in two glasses after Joaquim's final rites. She joins him in heaven in less than a year's time. 

There are traces of flashbacks showcasing the love story of Luisa and Joaquim; easily a Romeo and Juliet of their time. Even after spending decades together, the couple surely set the bar high for their children and grandchildren, as it should be. 


Marco has a dream in which he pictures his grandparents in their prime, and he sees how the family grew from just two souls lost in love. A powerful message on family is put across rather commendably. 

Vanessa's sister, Natalia, goes into labor and as the former gets the nerves, the rest of the Paixo family gets into a car and drives her to the hospital. 


Since there is no vacation when it comes to business, Vanessa, Daniel, Marco and Rita continue to juggle between a very pregnant Natalia and their clients. 

It really goes to show that we mustn't ever lose sight of what the important things in life are, because one day, all that you see will disappear. All we can do is look into this nameless abyss and continue to smile. 


'Until Life Do Us Part' was released on February 10, 2022, on Netflix. 

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